Friday, May 22, 2009

My Introduction (Reapers Blog)

(This was originally posted on the Reapers blog on the 22nd of December 2008)

An Introduction
My in game name is Yosagi Yojimbo. Some of you may recognise that name from a series of graphic novels and computer games from years before.
I came to Eve from another MMO called World of Warcraft, you may have heard of it. I knew about Eve while I was engrossed in Wow but not what Eve entailed. Once I had finished with the Wow grind, after a short break, I checked out Eve. This was in the beginning of August 2007. In short I was blown away by the scope of the game and repeatedly kicked myself for not checking it out sooner.
Since then I have my main character, Yosagi Yojimbo, two accounts and some other characters of no real consequence.
I spent some time with VAFO and Valley Forge which had, and probably still has some fantastic people. However the corporation was directionless and after much soul searching I decided to leave and join the good folks known as the reapers.
In the time that passed my skills grew and with Sanjuro and other characters who have left the game since then, left reapers to form our own corporation. One of our wishes was to raise our own Player Owned Station which with the reputation requirements of the time we could not do while still a member of The Reapers. The goal was to raise the station and form an alliance with reapers and perhaps others to help protect against some of the war declarations that plagued us at the time.
Since then our corporation has shrunk with several members leaving due to real life issues. However we continue with our research and development goals to further ourselves and also the other corps in the alliance.
I am currently specialising in the Gallente ammunition and ships, the Nemesis, Deimos and Eos, are my short term goals for manufacture which will be realised very soon.
Why do I like Eve Online?
I enjoy the space based setting, the fact it is not a virtual clone of so many other games out there at the moment. The ability to change what I am doing in the game from day to day if I wish and still contribute to my characters development in a positive way. The offline training is a big plus also. In short Eve has many features that make it a great game.
This blog entry is mostly a test of the blogging software but also an introduction so you the reader may get to know me better. I am usually happy to help in game with information so if you have any questions you can chat or in game mail me.
I intend the next three serious blogs to be about manufacturing, invention and research and they are coming together at the moment.
Thank you for reading this, or listening if the blogs audio attachment gadget works as I hope it does and I look forward to seeing you in game. (currently not available)
Yosagi Yojimbo - Yojimbo Heavy Industries (YHI)
22nd December 2008

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