Friday, May 22, 2009

Research (Reapers Blog)

This was originally posted on the Reapers blog on the 7th of February 2009.

Since the previous response was so positive I have decided after the single letter I received and numerous sunsets we talk about research.

Research is a licence to print money.

The short description is as follows. You talk to a research (R&D) agent, that agent does research for you in his/her own time, no further interaction is required if you so choose. The research agent may ask you to help them with a short mission, you can totally ignore this and the agent will not bother you again. If you choose to do the mission you will receive double Research Points (RP) for that day. Each day your RP’s accumulate, with high training you could have 6 agents on the go at the same time, you could easily have 4 with medium training.

Each 50 RP (this is not quite correct, some data cores cost more RP than 50, Yosagi) that you accumulate with that agent, you can purchase from that agent something called a Datacore. Be aware you must purchase the datacores before you cancel the agent, if you cancel the agent the datacores will be lost. When you purchase the datacores all it does is convert the RP’s into datacores, no ISK changes hands.

The Datacore is the “Money for Nothing” (1985 “Brothers in Arms” - Dire Straits).

Many datacores exist, an example would be Datacore - Rocket Science, use the term datacore to search for others in game as typing them all out is tedious, really tedious.

The datacores can be used during the invention process, generally the more advanced the object you wish to try and invent the more datacores will be required. As the invention process is less than 100% successful, about 35% from my attempts, many datacores will be required if invention is your thing.

However you can also just sell the datacores, they can be worth from 200k-400k per datacore, multiple agents increase your ISK.

How do I make this magic money?

Train Science and Mechanic to V, also train the skill for the datacore you wish to produce (eg. Science > Rocket Science, etc). If you are making datacores for ISK then search the market for the one that sells for the most and research that skill, the higher you research it the more RP the agent will give you. If you need the datacores for Invention you can train to produce the datacores you require or just produce the ones that give you the most ISK and then purchase the datacores you need from your favourite trade hub (Jita, Dodixie, etc).

Then you need to find an agent you can help you with the R&D.

Using the internet, out of game visit (also for some other Eve Online resources)

Check out the various switches here but take special notice of Region, Corporation and Research Skill. This will take some trial and error but you will find an agent close by who can help you. The bad news is you will also need the reputation with that corporation and agent to use them.

Once this is sorted out you have free ISK, well it’s free after quite a bit of training time and cost, but then it is free! Sorta…

Yosagi Yojimbo

Yojimbo Heavy Industries

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