Friday, May 22, 2009

The Violation of my Viator

So I've had my Viator for a few days, it is a fantastic little freighter, agile with a good warp speed. I've been missioning for a level 4 agent in The Forge who has been sending me into low sec from time to time to deliver or pickup goods. Typically I've been making the low sec runs during my night time due to the lower level of folks in the low sec areas.

So this time I have a delivery mission a couple of jumps into low sec, the agent would like me to deliver about 6000m3 worth of goods, no worries. I jump the high sec portion of the journey with no problems, enter the low sec and proceed to the target system. Upon entering the target system I notice a guy in local who has a red tag or skull, not unusual for this part of the universe. I warp to dock with the mission drop off station but as I approach I see this guy sitting at the exit point of the station in a Muninn next to a Pod.

Hmmm this may become interesting.

So I chat with my agent, complete the mission, he's happy, promises me his sister, I tell him I'll add her to the pile, the usual stuff. Then I start thinking about leaving the station.

Here comes the first mistake. To carry the 6000m3 to the target station I fitted 2 cargo expanders which upon undocking I did not unfit. So outside the station the Muninn starts targeting my Viator and begins shooting. No worries I'll just warp away and that will be that, except I'm also warp scrambled, uh oh. So I redock with the station and only managed to take about half shield damage.

Then I remembered to fit the two warp core units in my cargo hold in place of the cargo expanders. Ha! This will bugger him, I'll undock and warp away singing a happy tune.

I undock, I align to warp, he targets me and starts shooting again. I'm warp scrambled again! He also does some more damage this time, perhaps he moved to optimal range with his autocannons. I redock with the station once more.

The vast interior of the station echoes to my curses of low sec, Muninn's and warp core units.

I have about 15 minutes to DT and I would like to leave low sec before it arrives, thinking, thinking, thinking.....hey where did he go?

He's not in local anymore, time to go! Undocking, though while undocking I start wondering if it is a trap, oh well, I get outside the station and warp away. Woohoo! I enter the next system, only one more jump until high sec, and my station camping friend and some more of his red buddies are showing in local, but not around the jump gate. Warping! The destination gate appears, nobody in sight and the ship warps through. I'm in high sec and only two jumps from my temporary home.

My Viator survives for another day.

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