Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rogue Convicts Step Up!

Some notes I made while preparing for and in combat with elements of the NC recently.

Connected after DT.
Many C0nvicted online.
Op already running.
Busy comms but no panic, calm, business like.
Undocked in BC to hear it was BS fleet, reshipped.
News from RAGE comms that C0nvicted have gone rogue.
Engaged fleet on YN3 gate in LR.
They ran to YN3 where a Solar fleet was waiting.
No battle between Solar and RAGE seemed to occur.
Docked up again to re-ammo and re-drone, undocked.
Fleet being re-organised for second skirmish.
Approx 100 ships on both sides destroyed so far.
Some pilots asking basic questions like how to move in fleet.
Lone enemy Prophecy warped to station, it died.
Sitting in safe spot - nobody to move - some still do.
TZL and 4KON now has no DH sov.
Article on front page of Evenews24.com
Shot some POS modules.
60+ fleet of reds in YN3.
Emergency warp back to YN3 to engage.
Enemy fleet composition unknown at the moment.
Various chatter while waiting.
New Friends! Support on the way!
Combat and cyno, enemy numbers rising.
Multiple red bubbles.
Frantic combat, warp in, move, move, move, pulse MWD one, two, three times, multiple bubbles landing amongst us.  Still MWD'ing, some ships being webbed and trapped.  I'm sure my cap is being drained.  Endless bubbles being dropped on us.  Finally escape the bubbles and the bulk of the fleet escapes to a safe.
Still alive and flying.
Smaller fleet aligning to gate again.
Engaged near YN3 gate in LR, some reds warp to us, we warp away.
We are destroying some ships but the numbers are against us now.
They catch a straggler or two.
Warp in again - too far out - warp away.
Finding a better spot.
Outnumbered 3 to 1.
Sitting in safe while figuring out next move.
Standing down - victory claimed.
Guerrilla tactics until our next main TZ.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry That Time of Year Again

So here we are at the end of December once again, and soon to be a new year, once again.


What will the new year bring us in Eve Online?

We will see the final installment of the Incursion expansion which should include the new character creator and the proper Sansha invasion.

Later on in the year the Fanfest will occur and possibly an announcement about the release of either Walking In Stations (WIS) or DUST514.

After that I don't know.

I cannot decide which of those means more to me.  WIS would introduce a whole new group of players to the game (The Sims, Second Life, etc) but DUST514 will add a new dimension.

It will be illuminating to see what happens.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Blue with Blue equals Red!

Read carefully as their may be a test.

Our alliance is called c0nvicted (yes with a zero instead of the letter o).

We were invited into our current area in Geminate by RAGE alliance to help rid the area of the various Russian corps and alliances.  This was done and the Russians moved on and all was good.

Then the leadership in RAGE alliance changed and they decided to state that we were pets of their alliance and we had better be good pets or look out!

Somewhere along the line it was decided by RAGE alliance that we had not been good pets, it was quite the surprise to us, but we had not shown the proper respect towards them and thus we should move out.

Of course this has nothing to do with the station we have in LR-2XT and all the money we've spent on it, nothing at all, I don't know why we even keep on mentioning it.

Quickly moving along.

So three days ago they gave us 24 hours to drop sovereignty and being really nice guys they would even help us move our stuff in their ships if we need them too.  It was not made clear where this stuff would be moved to and who the new owners of that stuff would be after the move however.

Just to make it even more interesting the Russians are once again on the surge having pushed the NC out of the Drone Regions.

The deadline came and went with a whooshing sound that DNA used to love.

Since then the discussions have been many and long between the various higher ups in our alliance, happily I'm not involved with that.

However the mood of the 700+ alliance members is pretty ugly.  Since the news was announced the local markets have dried up of nearly all PVP related items like ships, ammo and modules.  If you had to pick a decision based on the purchases of the alliance members I'd say everybody wants to close the jump gates and hunker down for a siege.

Or if we wish to use a Dark Ages analogy.

We are not quite to the stage of standing on the hills banging our shields with a sword and yelling out "We're gonna cut your todgers orf!" but it cannot be far away.  I'd say at the moment we are sharpening our swords and talking in quiet voices using a tone that describes the near future better than any poet could.

Very soon we may be living in "Interesting Times".

Sunday, December 19, 2010


So we hit a large offline POS in low sec yesterday afternoon, and evening.

Every time I'm involved in a POS bash I say to myself I'll never do another one.  However enough time elapses and the pain fades then lo and behold I'm once again plinking away at some poor bastards tower.


Anyway on a slightly brighter side the alt corp has been war decced by a corp it was at war with previously, though for reasons I forget.  It must not have been very memorable as the other people involved at the time also don't remember exactly what happened.

So I have no idea why the dec was made though it hardly effects the running of the corp or activities of the remaining members.  The only purpose I can think of at the moment is some sort of economic reason, stopping the market or PI activities?

Not wanting to enter into specifics at the moment but it has done no damage so far.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Hanger Queen

Yes it is that time of year again so Christmas Greetings, Holiday Greetings or Meh as the case may be.

In our stocking from CCP this year is a ship called the Echelon which is designed to be used with a supplied special codebreaker for scanning locked containers found in sites etc.

The name of the item is Purloined Sansha Codebreaker.  Who says purloined these days?

Plus the description says they were salvaged from the wrecks of Sansha ships, hardly purloined at all.

However if you reprocess the item it turns into a Mangled Sansha Codebreaker.

Then you reprocess that and something interesting happens.

You should receive:
1 x Badly Mangled Components
1 x Codebreaker 1
1 x True Slave Decryption Node

Now the interesting part is the True Slave Decryption Node as it's difficult to ignore the fact it's also a head in a jar - particularly when it opens its eyes briefly, looks around, and frowns!

Now we know where some of the kidnapped citizens ended up, in your new ship!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Meta Gaming and Possibly You!

Eve Online gaming also occurs outside the game.  Recently in the Northern Coalition (NC) against Pandemic Legion (PL) war their have been accusations of "Meta Gaming".

According to comments on www.evenews24.com both sides are accusing the other of hacking their web sites, kill boards and attacking the Team Speak chat servers with DDOS attacks to try and disrupt communications and reduce the alliance fleet effectiveness.

As this is Eve Online it would be supported in game but outside of the game, in the real world, this is probably an illegal act that could in theory get people into serious trouble.

Will this actually happen?  Probably not as the targets are not classed as important in the scheme of things.

However should somebody from the NC or PL decide to place a complaint with the RL authorities what would happen and how much would it rock the Eve universe?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Noctis

The Noctis as mentioned previously is the new salvaging ship to replace your Catalyst or Hurricane salvage setups.

If you mission and you salvage you must have a Noctis, it is that awesome.

I've only trained the skill to level 3 so my tractor range is approx 56km and it pulls the wrecks in fast.

The actual salvage modules are also quick and many wrecks are torn apart for their salvage in no time at all.

However this is a salvage ship and especially in low or null sec it will be a screaming beacon to those who probe or direction scan that a mission is being cleaned up.  This could be an issue as in the past if you used a Hurricane as you might be a combat ship and their attack might not be as automatic.

I would like to find out if anybody is using the Noctis for non salvage use, how they are fitting it and what it is being used for.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Money, it's a gas!

Recently I had an account issue and CCP could not bill my card for the alt account.  They had sent me an email about this so I replied with a question as to the reason as I didn't want to make a duplicate payment.

The alt's offline time was good, it let him shower, have something to eat and give the wife the pickle tickle.

However about 8 hours later the response came back from CCP saying they were sorry but they didn't know what the issue was and I should just try and make the payment myself and see how it goes.

So I did and it was fine, logged back in and watched the alt wave goodbye to his family again for at least three months.

Each payment in your My Account settings on the Eve Online web site has a PaymentID which should be a unique number for payments given the description.

So using my latest PaymentID number 12835063 (intentionally changed in a minor way to avoid giving away my actual latest PaymentID number for information or paranoia reasons) and multiply that by the smallest amount per PaymentID which is $14.95 we come up with a dollar figure of nearly 192 million dollars since the beginning.

This assumes that payments started from 1 and not some arbitrary number later on but also the figure should/could be higher than this as some folks will pay more than $14.95 per PaymentID.

Another interesting figure is from now until the creation of the alts account which was approx August 2008, using the same method CCP have accepted 85.3 million dollars in two and a bit years.

Some questions.

Are these figure correct?  I don't know and they assume quite a bit.

Could I prove these figures?  No and I'm sure CCP would not tell you either.

Why do they make so much money?  They are a business and costs for Eve, World of Darkness, DUST514, and others would substantially eat into this.

I could argue X & Y & Z against this!  Go ahead.  So could I, it could probably never be proven one way or another but I find it interesting and therefore it is here.

I've run out of questions.  Good as I've run out of answers.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It began here....maybe

This is the history of Eve Online, Elite.  Here is the wiki page for all the information so I don't need to replicate everything there.

Elite on the Commodore 64 (C64) came on a single floppy disk but had a huge playing area due to the way it  created solar systems from mathematical data.  As you can see from the image on the left the graphics were also basic compared to todays standards but pretty good for the day.  Mostly in wire frame the only filled in graphics I can remember was the Sun, which you could re fuel your ship from if you flew close enough.

The starter system was Lave and from there you could branch out in your own galaxy or several others.  Unlike Eve you flew the ship with a joystick but the game used something closer to proper Newtonian physics so the ship flew more like a real one would in space.  Early in the game when you are money poor you even have to dock your ship manually by match your ships rotation with the small entry point on the space station and then slowly move forward while correcting for errors as the station approached.

This was wonderful encouragement to make money by trading until you could afford a docking computer.

When using the docking computer it would play a music track, The Blue Danube by Strauss.  To this day if I hear that piece of music Elite is all I can think of.

You started off with a rating of Harmless and worked your way towards the Elite rating.  Shooting pirates, trading etc would move you towards this goal.  Shoot the wrong ship or heaven forbid a Station and then the police Vipers would undock and proceed to ruin your whole day, they were feared.

So when I'm playing Eve Online a part of me is always playing Elite.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


alliance in local system

one enemy red in the local system

supposedly friendly banter between the local blues and the red

underneath is a murderous undercurrent

the threat of discovery and death

moving from system to system exchanging companionship for desolation

wanting both

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Terran Trade Authority

Released from 1978 the Terran Trade Authority (TTA) books were a major source of inspiration for me.  The illustrations were gorgeous and accompanying text described events as if they were part of history.

Some of the ships pictured were given little explanation as they were unknowns, strange ships that were found out in the void, often there for a very long time and nothing was known about them.

The books had a sense of wonder.

My school library had all four of these books, I now know the original print run of these books are fairly rare to find so they are probably more valuable than they realise, if the library still has them.  I used to loan them out and marvel at the images and the descriptions of the "events".  At the same time I was playing a game on the Commodore 64 called Elite by David Braben and Ian Bell.  Given the limited technology of the time the game had wire frame graphics so an amount of imagination was required to make the leap from Elite imagery to the TTA's.

Quite a few space based computer games have borrowed from the TTA universe, either consciously or not.  I believe Eve Online has, Homeworld certainly did.  This is not a bad thing as this work deserves to live on.

My favourite illustrator was Peter Elson whose attention to detail always amazed me.

Unfortunately Peter passed away in 1998.

Many other images exist from Peter Elson and others, if you are interested you can find more information here and here.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm in love with Cherenkov Radiation

Cherenkov radiation, more information can be found here is awesome.  If I can ever view the engine room on one of my ships at least part of it has to look like this.


Saturday, December 4, 2010



At about the time when this post is published I’ll have reached 50 million skill points!

Woo Hoo!

With the dumping of the learning grind I will also be able to re-deploy approx 1.1 million skill points on or about the 15th of December.  I’m not sure where those points are going to go at this stage, I was thinking about a boost towards the Gallente Sin or something similar.

I will look into it some more over the next week or so.

However right now, as this post is being published I’m at a “fancy” dress party, should be interesting.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Incursion Expansion Part One Thoughts

I've been able to play with the expansion for a couple of days now and a couple of things have caught my eye.

The Noctis, some folks already have one and are epeening outside stations or sitting on gates showing all and sundry their new ship.

However the Noctis started in Jita at 160 million ISK and then dropped to about 55 million ISK today, my estimate is it should settle at about 35 million ISK eventually.  So for the early adopters that epeen cost them at least 120 million they could have saved.

While the Noctis will be a solid savaging ship I don't think the humble Catalyst destroyer will be without use as it's a cheap salvaging ship and those starting out would be well advised to use it until their wallet can withstand the Noctis outlay.


Warping is smooth, really smooth, smooth with lots of oh's as in oh my god is it smooth. As smooth as teflon, as smooth as your first girlfriend.

That smooth!

This creates a problem, well at least for me, as when I approached a gate and left warp it would shudder and that would be my cue to engage jump on the gate and continue the journey.  That shudder was useful to break me from the trance on long journeys.  Now when you leave warp the ship just glides from warp to normal space with an elegance that I did not realise was missing.

The change of the microwarpdrive icon is awesome!  Such a small change but it really helps with identifying between those and the afterburner modules.

Finally once again I have to say how nice the game looks with native Anti Aliasing, I have just spent some time flying around looking at things again.

So this expansion is a small one but with a surprising amount of quality, looking forward to expansion part 2 in two weeks.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Incursion Expansion

So the expansion has arrived, well the patch has as to call this an expansion would be very, very generous.  In CCP's defense this is only the first of the multiple roll out for the Incursion expansion so we will not see the complete picture until about February 2011.

To read about the total changes have a look here www.eveonline.com/updates/patchnotes.asp?patchlodID= but I'll go through a few items that interested me.

The Noctis, a dedicated salvage ship.  At the very least this will replace my salvage Hurricane, mostly so I don't have to visually search all the combat Hurricanes to find the salvage one.  It will be a solid salvage ship but it also doesn't really add anything to the game, just replaces what was being used previously.

The war against lag continues, one of the changes here are to drones, it appears they will hurt the servers less in the future.  Other changes under the Need For Speed heading should help also.

Rockets have been fixed, assuming they were ever broken.  With luck this will make the forums whiners happy for a while.

Some graphics changes are pretty good, they now make it easier to run a dual monitor setup and Anti Aliasing now works from in game and we no longer need some external voodoo magic setup.

A new icon for the microwarpdrives is very good, makes them easy to pick in the list of items.

That is about it for me.  Is this an expansion?  No certainly not but when the end of January arrives and all the patches/expansion parts have been rolled out we can look back and judge Incursion on its merits.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Come Ambulation or Incarna we need robots.

Why won't we have robots?  We have drones, surely this far into the future we will have perfected the art popularised by Isaac Asimov and others for the metallic form.

I suppose the form doesn't always need to be metallic, in Blade Runner (based on the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick) they were called replicants and they looked human.

They certainly fucked like them.

New profession! Dress up as a bounty hunter in your little cubicle as Eve will be the natural progression from The Sims or Second Life or whatever the hell you were playing previously.

Then you can hunt the human replicants, though we probably cannot call them that for legal reasons, while they drip very real human fluid from their pleasure "sockets" as they run for their "lives".

A whole new level of gun fighter will emerge but with trick shots, now with semen!

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Dread Pirates!


Recently the Messoya gate in Tasti has been camped from time to time most days by some pirates.

The composition of their fleet is very efficient, they have in addition to the usual BS and BC’s some guardians and other support ships.

I’ve spent some time watching how they operate and it’s fascinating to observe.  They will chase most ships except for pods and shuttles.  Most of the time they have a very fast lock and point ship which will end your ships life in a very short amount of time.

Once the gate camp goes up it is reported in the various intel channels I subscribe to almost immediately, but still I can watch the gate camp from a cloaked position and watch alliance and blue ships get trapped and destroyed time and time again.

The tools are there, people don’t use them, their ship gets destroyed, they bitch about it and the entire fault is theirs nobody else's.

The tools are out there so use them!

Removing the gate camp is tough, they smash anything small fleets, they run from a larger fleet only to reform later on.  What is required is a standing fleet in or near Tasti to keep the dirty pirates either docked up or elsewhere.

Who wants to baby sit the Tasti system all the time?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lost Count

So my original estimate of the “optional” patch count was seven.  I think we have surpassed that now, well at least I think we have as I have totally lost count.

I suppose it doesn’t really matter but it does seem that CCP has changed the patching process with much more of it being client side rather than server side.

Is this a good thing?  Well from my point of view it is as my Linux computers can now patch without having to manually download the patch file and apply via Wine.

However I have an unsettled feeling that all the clients out there are becoming fragmented as they have a mix of these “optional” patches.

Perhaps with the upcoming expansion/patch this will be brought back together?  Who knows!

My LP store still isn’t working, the text displays if you hover the mouse curser over where the text should be, but the text does not display.  It’s not a game breaker but annoying as now that the LP store doesn’t work I want to use it.

Human nature FTW!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another Day Another Theft

So linked here are the details for the latest in game theft.  This sort of thing has happened plenty of times in the past and will again in the future so the names are unimportant, but the figures are.

Approx 110 Billion ISK was taken in liquid ISK and assets, the assets then sold back to the original owners as  "they were interested in reacquiring the stolen assets to save the time and considerable effort involved in sourcing them anew".

Doesn't that sound fishy?

Anyway the figures, lets round them off at 110 Billion or 110,000,000,000 ISK.

From the Eve Online store, ignoring the shipping costs a 60 day time card costs $34.99 in US dollars.

So the in game 30 day PLEX costs $17.50 (rounded) in US dollars, and approx 372 million in game currency (ISK).

So the stolen ISK would buy you 295 (rounded) of in game PLEX worth approx $5162.50 in real US dollars.

Eve is a harsh mistress.

Alliance PVP Tourney

Totally missed this, was hoping to attend but ended up being busy that night.  Turns out Wusti, the alliance CEO, won in a Vexor using sentry drones and smartbombs.

So my planned fit is buggered then.

So for the next tourney many people will fit ships to combat the previous battle. 

However fitting and training to fight the previous war doesn’t always help you with the next one.

Monday, November 15, 2010


We've lost count of the amount of prequels, sequels and remakes of old time movies. Star Wars: The Clones was just such one that took the slippery slide to failure. Enough is enough! (Getty Images)
My interest in Eve has been dropping since the start of the month.  I couldn’t think of a good image for this so you get a Stormtrooper on a slide instead.

Trying to build the corp, essentially solo, has been an impossibility which I have now accepted.  So it is time to move into another corp in the alliance or out of the alliance, I have received offers for both.

So we will see. 

I was hoping the expansion would hit today but it has been split and pushed back until the 30th of November with subsequent parts to land in December and January.  I have yet to see anything that I’m terribly interested in but sometimes items are released out of the blue, all I can do is wait.

I have been on a couple of late night roams, one finishing at approx 1am, this just ruins me for the following day and night but on the whole they’ve been enjoyable.  Lost a BC on one when the FC stopped calling out targets past the first one. This would have made zero difference to our survival but we could have dropped a BC of theirs in addition to the BS and Frigate we killed.  As we were outnumbered and outgunned this was not a certainty, if anything the engagement was a good training run, a reminder, on how to do things, or how not too.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Six is the second smallest composite number, its proper divisors being 1, 2 and 3.  Six is also the number of “optional” patches we’ve now had for Eve that still have not fixed the problems!
My LP store still displays little information, I can view the information if I hover the mouse curser over each item but madness that way lays. 
So tomorrow we have the patch to introduce the 64 bit addressing system for in game items, in short it will allow more in game items and stops CCP having to recycle old item numbers for a very long time, perhaps forever (forever being the life cycle of the game and not the actual heat death of the universe forever).
What could go wrong?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Preaching to the Choir

Online advertising is the funny thing.

I play Eve Online (we know!), so I visit Eve Online web sites from time to time for the usual things.

Then I visit other web sites for whatever, but those sites have looked at where my browser has been, so I get adverts for Eve Online.

What is the point of this?  To remind me I play Eve Online? Does Eve get cold if I’m away for too long?  Is it a Zen thing?  Does Eve not exist if I’m not playing it?

Would it not make more sense to look at the browsing history and compare that against the ten biggest MMO’s out there at the moment, I can only name one the other nine you’ll have to help me with, and then show ads for Eve to THOSE people?

So to try and get new players into the game rather than telling people who already know about Eve, that their is this game called Eve?

/me shrugs

Thursday, October 28, 2010

CSM and Micro Transactions

Dense Veldspar has a short article about the CSM Dev Blog, the blog and then the comments are worth a read.

The Dev Blog talks about the meetings they had with CCP and also some of the processes that occur during the regular meetings that are held between CCP and the CSM.

For those late to the game the CSM is a representative body voted for by the capsule pilots to provide a conduit between us and CCP, the folks who make Eve Online.

The comments section of the Dev Blog post is what has interested me the most as the continuing delusion and stupidity about micro transactions (one word or two?) continues.

It is this simple.

We already have micro transactions (two words looks better).

You can currently, legally, with CCP’s blessing, use real life money, or US dollars which is close enough, and use them to buy a time card, this time card can then be transferred into in game ISK via the PLEX system.  You now have ISK which once was real life money.

Use your new ISK to buy something, I don’t care what you buy, Megathron or even Mizara’s Doll (This doll is old and well-worn. It still smells faintly of brown sugar.)

The only thing that micro transactions will do is simplify the process.  For instance I could login to the Eve Online store, purchase a Megathron, fitted or un-fitted perhaps, pay my $7.95 for an un-fitted and then use that ship when I login to the game after a hard day of <insert your profession here>.

All that can be done now, just not as neatly.

The problem I can see is if these transactions are also allowed for buying of skills, skill remapping, etc etc.

Come Incarna, or whatever it will be called, complete stores like as exists in Second Life could spring up in the stations, Eve Online could become Second Life as it should scale much better (I hope) and will certainly look much nicer.

So by that stage a multi faceted game would exist, the space part much as it is now, Incarna for the Second Life and Sims crowd, and Dust 514 for the console ADHD kiddies.

To me it sounds very interesting, and it could turn out well, but I’m under no illusion that we have plenty of pain between now and then.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Do you want to know more?


I’m not sure if I’ve done a post before that has nothing to do with the Eve universe, and this may also not be one, but as I don’t want to trawl through 70 posts I can neither confirm nor deny.

So about half the time I use an Ubuntu computer for my Eve Online and other things when my main machine is busy, typically with work.  The machine has an AMD Phenom 9550 quad-core CPU, 4Gb RAM, 8500GT Display card and other stuff that makes the machine run, including a TV Card for those POS hits.  Using WINE as we don’t have an Eve Linux client anymore (and it sucked) it runs pretty well, especially after the recent o/s update.

I was previously using 10.04 LTS which is the long term supported option, reliable but slower.  So once 10.10 was released I (arguably) updated to that from 10.04 LTS.  After the update I had a few issues, not unknown after an update.  Mostly the issues revolved around display problems, which I subsequently narrowed down to x server doing something strange, quick modify of that and change to Nvidia’s TWINVIEW and my display problems mostly went away.

One of the Eve issues I had with the 10.04 LTS install was sometimes Eve would start slow.  It was easy to see when this happened as on the login screen several objects move quickly in the background to give it some kind of dynamic look.  When it started “slow” those objects would be much slower than normal.  I would than have to restart the Eve client several times to get back to normal speed mode. Now with 10.10, the more recent Nvidia drivers and using TWINVIEW it runs much better.

For chatting most of the common chat clients have a Linux equivalent so no issue there, though I have run the chat client on the Windows machine while the game was running on the Linux box.  However the Eve sound likes crashing WINE, especially the Jukebox so I run Eve with no game sound, not a real problem.

I said the display problems mostly went away as MythTV, a program used for watching TV (OMFG really?) decided to crap out after the upgrade, probably caused by the upgrade, so Google a fix, turns out it is a configuration thing in MythTV, fixed that and all good.

So to wind this up, why do I use Ubuntu?  Well I still have a Windows machine, but use Ubuntu on the second machine, and on a laptop.  Essentially it is because I don’t need a Microsoft operating system for those computers as they are used for web access, skyping and Open Office for the typical office tasks.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The long drawn out wail

So finally the best known and highest profile Eve bank failure, EBANK, has called it a day. The saga is long and involved and I cbf linking to all the posts and all the drama, so I’ll provide a concise explanation.

I was going to say incompetence, or scamming but it is neither of those.  Essentially many unsecured loans were given out in the early days, which had no real hope of being paid.  The main person/s involved then left and EBANK had to pick up the pieces.

So fast forward a year or more until now and after some very hard in game work the remaining members, three I think, have made enough to pay back the investors a percentage of their money.

Just the fact that they are getting some or most of their money back confirms that EBANK was no scam but a genuine, if brave attempt, at introducing a bank into the Eve universe.  Was it doomed to fail?  I don’t think so, if run properly from the beginning then I believe it had every chance at success.  However their is a massive amount of trust involved and should even one of the EBANK directors wake up one day and decide, “You know what? Fuck it I’m gonna take the money and run!” then it all falls down.

I personally found that risk to be unacceptable and did not invest in EBANK or any other bank for the same reason, many others did.

According to a post from Ray McCormack linked above their are 1574 verified investors and 5690 non-verified investors, for a total of 7264 investors.  The total ISK remaining is 1,299,822,557,648.67 ISK and 626,956,849,110.37 respectively for a grand total of 1,926,779,406,759.04 ISK or nearly 2 TRILLION ISK.

30 Day PLEX at the moment are selling in Jita for a rounded figure of 360 Million ISK, EBANKS ISK would buy 5352 (rounded) PLEX (30 day $17.50 value as 60 day is $35 in the Eve Online store (doesn't include their ludicrous freight charges)) for a street value of approx $93,660 US dollars.

These figures obviously assume doing that amount of PLEX trading would not skew the PLEX market (it would) but I have to applaud the efforts of Ray and others to stick it out so long in the face of so much opposition.

Who said internet spaceships isn’t serious business?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

One more than four


So we have now had the fifth optional patch, which was subsequently removed due to text formatting issues.  So if you actually installed the fifth “optional” patch, it would then be removed.  One piece of good news is they are getting closer to my guesstimate of seven optional patches, I should buy myself a prize.

My rage has diminished into resigned acceptance of the fact they’ll not get in right until 2011.

In other news the alliance is now a member of the Northern Coalition (NC) which gives us even more blues to fly and fight with.  However the alliance is going to [removed by corporation CEO – CEO]. 

So that should outline the total war plan of at least our corporation and the alliance as a whole.

Finally please support the number 53, share so that they may numerate.

Monday, October 18, 2010

National Unity

I have always found the call for “National Unity” from the leaders of the day to be interesting, mostly as it forecasts the coming of some dark days.  Who knows, things COULD get better!

Alas it seems the “optional” patches have abated for the moment so lets outline some of the positives in the Eve Online pipeline.

Eve shortcuts revamped shows us we will soon be able to use almost any key combination for function remapping, and also the other buttons on the mouse.  This is the one I’m particularly excited about as my Logitech Mx510 (awesome mouse) has some more buttons I can utilise.  I’m guessing one will be for an automatic double click to help with the PI clickfest, and then probably some combat functions.

Next we have PI Revamp and the Future which with luck will give us an improved PI experience come the expansion.

CCP have announced an upgrade of the game graphics which will obsolete some very old graphics cards.  Not a real issue to most people but could be worth a look.

Finally for now we have the just finished competition for a new ship design, the winner has not been announced yet, and the appearance of the new ship is unknown but follow the link to check out some of the fascinating entries.  A couple of examples below:



Some of the designs on the site are probably not technically possible and balancing issues will always cause problems, otherwise we end up with another useless hanger queen ship (*cough Zephyr *cough) but I would love to see four new designs introduced to the game.

That’s it, fly safe and kill reds.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Continuing Fail

So we now have the fourth “optional” patch installing tonight. 

Whatever CCP says it looks bad.

I’m now wondering how many patches we’ll end up with, I guess seven. 

CCP are taking the piss, every week they sit around a boardroom table and come up with some new text for the patch blog.  Nothing written there actually makes any difference to the game except for Icelandic lols.


So current topics in General Discussion are lag, plex for neural remap, game is dying, etc.  Next week, next month, next year will be much the same.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Forced Optional

So we have another optional update only a few days after the last optional update.  This time if you decline to install the update, but did install the previous one, the new optional update will remove the previous update while not installing itself.


Clusterfuck – Noun

(vulgar) A chaotic mess that might be compared to group sex, in which participants are so intertwined and intermingled that they might penetrate each other rather than their intended target. Its more precise usage describes a particular kind of Catch-22, in which multiple complicated problems mutually interfere with each other's solution. The looser usage, referring to any chaotic situation, probably prevails.

‘Nuff said.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Optional Patches

So we had an optional patch recently to fix some issues that some folks had with a previous patch to that.  I must say I had little of the issues that others had, the only one I saw was in the LP store the descriptions were not showing up.  One of the advantages from the patch before the optional patch was the speed increase of PI, that helped as I’ve had a love-hate relationship with PI for a while now due to the click fest it is.  It seems to have sped up the initial exploration of the extractor and then you can choose the time period cycle, 23 hours is my usual.
So getting back to the optional patch, why release an optional patch?  All you do is get questions from thousands of users who have no idea if they should download the patch or not so they ask question upon question in the forums and probably also petitions to the GM’s to find out if they need the patch.
If a patch is released make it mandatory like every other patch, if a user has an issue it will hopefully fix it, if they have no issues then with luck it will not do anything.  Optional creates too many questions and breeds uncertainty.
The optional patch process was done differently to the non-optional patches, it was done in game and didn’t require the external torrent like program to fetch the file and then install it.  Two advantages to this was the process is faster, and it also worked on my Ubuntu machine without having to manually download the patch file and install it under Wine.  That was a nice surprise.

Site Change

Merged the Gallente Exile blog with this one today, seemed like a good idea as both blogs were similar so this should help with the frequency of posts.

Over the coming days I'll change a few things to better reflect what is happening here so let me know if something isn't quite right.


Monday, September 27, 2010

I am disappoint

We’ve been trying to recruit for the corp, however the corp name is Yojimbo Heavy Industries which was appropriate a long time ago but we have now changed to more of a PVP/PVE corp, so the name has to go.

Recruiting has been hard, it would seem that whatever we say or post the potentials cannot get past the corp name so we are trying to get it changed.

Turns out this cannot be done, you have to create a new corp, move everybody and everything to the new corp and then move forward.  So the new corp has put an application into the alliance and we are waiting for the acceptance so we can start the moving process.

The new corp name is Walking Ghost Phase, wikipedia it if you don’t know what it means.  Essentially it’s a name that doesn’t pigeon hole us, so we’ll see how it goes.

Both Sanjuro and I are in the top ten killers list for the whole alliance, that’s quite an achievement for our little corp considering the size of the alliance which is now at approx 250 members.

So last night the alliance was forming up for two operations, both using cloaked T2 ships like stealth bombers, I can fly those ships so was hoping to come along but wanted to bring some of the corp mates also, but I was waiting for them to login.  Finally one did but only to say he was updating the skill training and then logging for the night.  Ahh well missed the alliance ops and also no corp for the night….what to do?

My jump clone timer had expired so I could jump again, I’ll go rescue one of my distant and almost forgotten about jump clones. I have two of them about 40+ jumps away, picked one and jumped into the body, about 10 nuets in local, probably not friendly, immediate undock and leave the system for home.

The journey was uneventful, saw some people in most systems and a couple of bubbles in the second to last and the last zero sec system before the transition to low sec.  One I could avoid by warping away to a planet and warping back at a different angle.  The second I couldn’t avoid so slow boated from the bubble to the gate with my trigger finger hovering over the warp away as one nuet was in system, but nothing happened.

Entered low sec, then high sec and home.

With luck the second jump clone rescue will be as good.

Sunday, September 12, 2010



Alliances are useful.

Alliances are annoying.

Blues can be handy.

Blues can be frustrating.

So I joined the corporation to the Alliance.  The aim is to expand the horizons of the corporation members and gain some more opportunities for the corporation.  Also the Alliance will then gain the help of our labour which should help it move forward.

What we also joined were “blues”, those who have good or excellent standings with the Alliance and therefore are friendly, or at least are supposed to be.

One of the corpies has now been involved in two friendly fire “blue on blue” incidents in the past three days, the first one he escaped in hull and the most recent his ship was destroyed.  Granted the second one was just a junk frigate meant as a cheap transport but that is not the point.

Alliance and “blue” members should have their overviews configured correctly to stop this waste and confusion.

As an example my overview, at least the one setup for PVP, does not show people in my fleet, corporation or alliance members.

The potential problem this could bring is twofold. You may not know which “blue” is targetting and/or shooting at you unless you look at them directly on your screen and two if you wish to respond to their attack with your own.

This has not been a problem as yet.  I must say I only use this in large fleets as small ones do not seem to present these sorts of issues.

I suspect the issue is also with a bugged overview from time to time, a double tap on the TAB key can help reset it but thinking of that in the heat of battle is unlikely. Just shoot what appears to be the reds right?

So to save drama with blues, setup your overview, and CCP, fix that bug.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


When I’m in a ship my pod feels like a womb, a warm nourishing embrace.
Once the pod is ejected from my ship due to its destruction it feels like a coffin.
So we are trying to hone our combat skills for the upcoming joint operations with our new alliance.
To just talk about that in passing for the moment. We have joined the Alliance I was with when in Sto-vo-kor.  This should bring benefits to the corporation and with luck we can contribute to the alliance.
So anyway we had setup a gate camp for worthy targets, however most ships seemed to be Buzzards, we were just about to call it and head back to the bar in Olo when a Scorpion hit the gate and Roku, the scout on the other side of the gate, let us know.  Combat had arrived.
The scorpion finally uncloaked and we destroyed him very fast…however…and we have pieced together this information after the fact… he was being chased and ran out of luck when he hit our gate.  Soon afterwards so did we.
He was being pursued by a larger group, quite a mix of ships including a Strategic Cruiser, Battleship and others.  They engaged us, we were scattered due to the Scorpion kill and they cleaned us up. Sanjuro managed to warp away, but my ship and one other was destroyed, we both warped our pods away.
Later on during the debrief we gathered the fragments of information together to conclude the Scorpion pilot was going to be destroyed by us or them, that much was clear.  However their fleet was better than ours, and more organised at that stage so we lost, it was unlikely we would have won.
We live and learn to fight another day.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Battlefield Bad Company 2 vs DUST514

So lately I’ve been playing the latest franchise from EA, Bad Company 2.  Long ago I played BF 1942 and then the mods of which the best was Desert Combat (as opposed to Dessert Combat which happens when the cart arrives after the main course).

So the combat is quick and sharp, short and nasty little fire fights and normally the death and short wait to respawn either back at base or next to a comrade wearing a natty little red beret that would be right at place on a Paris catwalk.

I digress.

Given the appropriate change to an Eve Online type environment this is what DUST514 should be like, the video I saw a while ago now seemed to confirm it may end up being something like that but some more information if required.

So in the meantime I’ll help win our battles and look skywards as when the night falls the starships will appear.

Monday, August 23, 2010

They will live for a score of years

I was listening to Leo Laporte and Paul Thurrott in episode 170 of Windows Weekly in the Twit Network.

In a previous rant/post of mine I mentioned the imminent death of the xbox360 and PS3 gaming platforms, which as it turns out is incorrect.

So in that TWiT episode they said both platforms will have another five years of official life left, for a total life of ten years.

So this post is to correct that error of mine, however, I still firmly think DUST514 will sink without trace which will be a shame for a variety of reasons.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The mission wall


Yes I finally hit the mission wall, again.  We were doing AE or something and we discovered that none of us were paying any attention to the mission at hand.  I was reading on another computer about the Dakota wars in North America during the late nineteenth century.  Another member was playing Bejewelled and the third was playing with his new Samsung smart phone.

None of us were actually using the bulk of our attention to mission.

After we discovered this together and we all admitted to it we all agreed the missions, while required for ISK making, were killing us and the love for the game.

So last night we went low sec roaming, eventually.

For a corp that is supposed to go low sec roaming often we found that none of us actually had ships fitted for the task. So with us all fitting out ships and waiting for a member to come back from afk one hour went by before we could move out, annoying but should be better next time.

So eventually we all arrive in our high sec jumping off point for the entry to low sec, I send the scout in, who is learning, and get intel of a Drake sitting on the gate and about eight more people in local.  I ask the scout to see if the locals are in the same corp as the Drake, so I am then given all sorts of information except what I asked for.  So after asking for the corp information a couple more times, the scout at this stage has warped away from the gate at my request, we jump in anyway.

Fail scout.

The Drake is no longer there but a heap of my old corp mates from Sto-vo-kor are the ones in local.  Knowing how these guys work that Drake was a bait trap and it was good we didn’t try and shoot him up.

So they are camping one of the two other gates in the system, we chat in local once they discover I am in local but we are also trying to find out where they are as we might be chatting but that could also be the precursor to an attack.

It all seems good, the threat of attack seems to diminish, but we are running out of time as DT is approaching, we say our goodbyes and leave system.

Heading a few more jumps into low sec and it would seem one of their scouts is following us, or maybe just going to the same place, as our destination system is soon crawling with Russians bent on mayhem and destruction, too many for us which means the night is going to be a wash.

At least we were not missioning though.

Twenty minutes to go and we make our way out, leaving low sec with no issues, and then the private chat windows chat appearing.  The end result is unknown at the moment but we could be going blue with the alliance they are in, or perhaps even joining the alliance.

So while our roam was a bust it may have been a very successful night after all.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Stealth Bombers!


So on the blog A Merry Life and a Short One I read an article about stealth bombers which is well worth a read, so here is the link:

Stealth Bombers


There we go, another post done, this is easy!

Friday, August 13, 2010

It’s gone Jim.


Walking back to my quarters from the Hanger with Roku we had a chat.

“So my new corp roles have come through”, I said.

“Yeah? Cool, probably just means more work though”, Roku responds.

“Work means opportunities. Something interesting is now I can see more of the corp background movements, which includes ships destroyed and killed”

“Uh huh”, Roku says warily.

“To my surprise I see my Megathron, the one I loaned you on the destroyed list.  Care to tell me what happened?”, I ask.

“Yeah sorry about that.  We had a short war with some folks, forgot who they were now, have to look it up, and we attacked a couple of their Battleships.  We killed an Armageddon for the loss of the Megathron and a couple of Battlecruisers.  Considering the fit of the ‘geddon we were ahead on ISK.”

“So you were going to tell me about this when?”

As we approach one of the bars to pass by the noise becomes too loud to hear each other, once we are past we continue.

“I was trying to find the right time because of something else.”

“What is this something else?”, not liking what I was hearing.

“Well it’s like this.  In the rush to fit the ship how I like it, undock and attack them I forgot something.”

“What did you forget Roku?”

“The insurance.  So I was only paid the basic amount.”

We arrive at my room. Gesturing vaguely in the direction of my drinks cabinet Roku gets the idea and makes two drinks. While he is doing this I force myself to sit.

While rubbing my temple with two fingers of my left hand I ask, “So let me get this straight.  You lost the ship I loaned you, it was also not insured and given what I know now about more recent activities it gets worse doesn’t it?”

“Sorta yeah as the ISK I’d saved to pay you back was then lost when my Battleship, the Hyp was lost in the most recent war in that weird attack of theirs”, Roku explains.

Staring out of a window of my room I think about what to do.  Not much point in chewing him out about it. The first attack was a success on paper and the second was strange, not sure what any of us could have done.

'”Yos?”, he asks.

Turning back towards him, “Okay here is what’s going to happen. We’ll work a bit harder to replace the lost Battleships, I want to change the roles here anyway so after talking with the CEO earlier today your role, amongst others, is going to change.  I’ll let everybody know more soon.  I need to get some sleep, you probably do also so we’ll catch up tomorrow, okay?”

Roku stands up to leave, “No problem”.

Just as Roku is almost to the door, “Oh is Token in station, or even system?”

Roku turns back, “No I don’t think so, I’m not sure she’s even in this region.”

“Okay thanks man, catch you tomorrow”, I say as Roku leaves.

Reaching for the communicator to fire a message off too Token for a face to face meeting.  She’s not online at the moment and probably not even in this region so it could be a few days. With that done I kill the lights and fall onto the bed, sleep comes very soon.

PLEX, Botting and You!

So this week we get the news that some numbnut has undocked in a small ship from Jita 4-4 with approx 70+ PLEX is his hold, a local has scanned him, destroyed the ship and all the PLEX was destroyed.  The approx total value was $1300, US dollars I assume but cbf checking into that some more.

That is quite a large amount of money for the average gamer to be playing around with, so with suspicions of more behind it I did some snooping around.

Botting seems to be rampant in Eve at the moment.  From the various comments on the forums and also chatting with some people I know they have said it appears to be on the rise. 

Botting is the control of your in game character by a third party program with the intention of levelling that character up or making in game money, which can then be exchanged for out of game money, Real Life (RL) money using a variety of methods.

So one of the botting programs, it would seem, looks for the name of the character being mentioned in local chat and then if the name is seen the program either shuts off leaving that person floating in space or it disconnects the game.  I suspect a variety of options are available to the botting player and the most popular one chosen is the former.

So a small game has developed where you mention the name of the people in local channel in suspected botting systems and then see how many either disappear or shut down their ships for a period of time.  I can see this making a very short progression to a drinking game with much success.

So where does the ISK go?  At the moment the ISK generated is still in game currency and can be used for the many things available in game, but if the botting is being used for RL money generation then that fake money has to somehow become real.

One of the ways could be the selling of ships to another character at heavily discounted prices.  So it could go like this.  Person A wants a fleet of cheap ships, so they pay Person B, the botter, some RL money via Paypal to provide those ships.  Then Person B sells the ships in game to Person A via contracts or even direct in station trade at a discounted rate, but probably not too low to attract attention from CCP.  Person B obtained the ships from selling the minerals, mission loot and ISK from missions (they can and are all being botted) and then made them available to Person A.

I’m sure other examples exist.

Every once in a while CCP bans a swathe of accounts and, so they say, the botting stops for a while, it would appear this needs to happen more often than it has as the market is being artificially manipulated by these outside forces.

Deploy The Ban Hammer.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Waste or Waste

To state the obvious, waste is waste.  Waste here or waste there, it’s all still waste.  So with this in mind I was thinking about World of Darkness (WoD), DUST514 and Duke Nukem Forever (DNF).
One of the problems with DNF, apart for that acronym also spelling out Did Not Finish in sports land, are the changes that had to be made to the game as time passed and technology changed.  From memory the game was torn down and reborn at least two times and eventually, as we all know, the weight of its past caused it to implode.
According to CCP DUST514 is almost ready, I would like to see the game released, some calls have been made to put the game on hold, fix bugs with Eve Online and then get back to DUST514.
This will not work as the lesson of DNF shows us, DUST514 would become old, the graphics engine outdated and we are approaching the end of life for the XBOX360 and PS3.
However it should not be rushed either.  CCP are in the unenviable position of juggling three games, one an established hit, if such a term can be used for the niche crowd it has attracted.   WoD which may find appeal with the Twilight crowd and DUST514 which could go either way.
So the waste issue is this, do we waste the development that has already been made on DUST514 and others or just get them done, as they tie in with each other anyway, and move on?
The problem with DUST514, as mentioned previously, is the current and probably future glut of FPS games on gaming consoles (Wii not included as a gaming console as it’s in a different league).  Why should the ADHD, sugar addicted, twitchy FPS gamer look at DUST514?  Surely those people are not suited to the much more sedate, planned, lifestyle of Eve Online so not much crossover will happen there.
Sharing technology is what it’s all about people!  Incarna (Walking in stations) for Eve Online, DUST514 and World of Darkness are all going to share the same graphics engine.
I have a plan.  WoD can be set on the surface of a planet in Eve Online and Eve pilots can access this planet in all its black nail polish glory, so I can stab one of those fuckers with my spoon!
Gives them something to be emo about.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Saddle Up!

We have been sitting near this moon for what seems like days waiting for our war targets to show themselves.  Roku and I have been piloting Stealth Bombers, staying hidden and trying to keep our enemy off guard.

We are outnumbered and outgunned, as I did not join the corporation until after the decision to declare war had been made I was not there to decide.  Given the situation we are now in I would have wished for a no vote.

However here we are, defending another corporation that is unable or unwilling to defend itself, we are barely able to provide an attack ourselves given the beat up nature of the corporation at the moment.  I’ve been promised the situation will improve but you fight with the tools you have available.

We have a war target in system, he is sitting outside one of the stations trying to goad the industrialists to undock, I am also trying to convince them to undock and together we can attack the ship, a Rattlesnake, a faction Battleship.  Our fleet is a motley affair, two Stealth Bombers, a Drake and an unknown combat ship, perhaps some of the other members of the industry corporation will undock and fight when it begins, I certainly hope so.

Minutes go by, I am anxious to attack this thing, Roku is almost making his bomber bounce with anticipation, he is on the comms to me constantly.  The industrialists are taking much convincing, all this time I am worried the enemy will leave the station or maybe the system.  One of the things keeping him there is his confidence, his arrogance, something I’m hoping will be his downfall.

Finally I get an agreement on a battle plan, however tenuous it is.  So the two industry corporation ships will tank with some attack and we in the bombers will be all attack, we have no damage mitigation.

“Here it goes”, was the only message I received from the primary tank pilot in his Drake, he sounded tense.

We warp to the station, the Drake is taking the damage well, also hitting the Rattlesnake for some damage.  The enemy has deployed heavy drones, just as we appear.  Both Roku and I target the Battleship and let loose volleys of torpedoes, the damage on his shields accelerates rapidly.  He pulls in his drones.

I chat with Roku, “Lookout for light drones, he’ll go for one of us”.

“Yep on it”, replies Roku.

The bastard targets me, drones come streaming out, flashing red as they target and start attacking the ship, I’m still attacking the Battleship but looking for an exit, somewhere to warp to, I choose a destination and warp away, almost in hull, I’m out of the fight for now.

The warp tunnel collapses and I immediately set warp back to where I came from but a little further out, engage the cloak and head back. The warp tunnel collapses once again and I can see how the fight is progressing.

Roku is now being attacked by the same drones and also warps away, though doesn’t seem as badly damaged as I was, he’ll be back soon.

“Don’t break my cloak when you come back”, I request giving him directions on how to avoid my now invisible ship.

“No worries.  While you were gone one of the indy ships undocked in a Frigate and flew away”, Roku said.

“What the fuck! Who was it?”, I yelled.

He told me, I was not happy.  So our promised local support was gone, non local support was too far away to help, though coming very fast.  However on the plus side the other guy acting as the tank was doing a great job.

We both un cloaked and re entered the battle, this time doing slashing attacks, I noticed the heavy drones, which he had brought back out to attack the Drake, were expensive ones, so I targeted them, he soon brought them back into his drone bay.

He was disengaging and trying to leave the fight, as we both had him warp jammed the only way was to dock up, at least thirty seconds away.

The tank pilot signalled he was shutting down the launchers and will disengage, I asked why but saw why at the same time.

Some local nobody had seen the attack, decided the Rattlesnake was in trouble and started repairing his shield using heavy reppers, his shields were coming back quicker than normal.

I called off the attack, told the Drake pilot to dock up and both Roku and I warped away to a safe spot, disgusted as we had the damn thing.  His shields were going down, he was trying to disengage and some local prick ruins what would have been a great war kill.

The rest of his corporation finally turns up a few minutes later in system, they are quite happy and tell everybody about it.  They regard it as a win.  They do not realise, and I would be surprised if their ‘snake pilot told them, how close he came to being destroyed if it were not for the random hand of fate.

We leave system and head home.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Old Friends


So as you can read from here http://yosagiyojimbo.blogspot.com/2010/07/safety-of-being-out-of-range.html I have left Sto-vo-kor after about nine months.  Essentially some of the old guard left, then some others and all that was left was myself, a couple of old members and a bunch of new ones.

For some reason the dynamic had changed and I decided to head back too YHI, just in time for a nasty little high security war which you can also read about at the above link.

Getting away from the war though I was sitting in Olo and one of the old Stov members who left first did the total “Oh my god it’s Yosagi” thing, so we chatted for a while.

Then I was invited/dragged into a public chat channel which as it turned out is a refuge for old Stov members, like some sort of halfway house or retirement home.  It was awesome, I had a massive grin.

So chatted with them for a while and one by one they discovered I had also left Stov, turns out I was regarded as one of the old guard. Nobody was more surprised than me.

So anyway a rough plan is formed for the future which is subject to change, so not really worth passing more information on at the moment.

You’ll have to figure out how the header image applies to this post, I just liked it.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Safety of Being out of Range


Woke up this morning feeling terrible, slept longer than usual.  Wiped the sleep from my eyes and shuffled off to do my morning bio’s.

Couldn’t figure out what to have for breakfast, settled on the usual, seemed easier.

I think a fairly heavy depression was sitting on my shoulders, I should take a pill for it I suppose but for now it can stay, sort of like having an old friend over for a while.

So I finally left the corporation.  They were a great bunch of guys but my feeling was their soul had moved on.  The remains are still there in Sto-vo-kor but for me it was over.  I’d hung on for a while to see if the feeling of loneliness and change would evaporate but each day I would wake up and feel the same. I assumed I would feel better once I left, turns out I don’t.

Low and zero sec wars are a war of choice, you can escape to high security space and enjoy the safety of being out of range, something I was about to yearn for.

I joined Yojimbo Heavy Industries (YHI), or re-joined rather as I had been here quite sometime ago.  I have some good friends here, Roku is also here and some others I know but little did I know about the nasty little war that was brewing.

YHI has some other friends (.ARR.) whose corporation was war decced by either a small mercenary corporation or a local pirate group in training.  These friends are not fighters, they are making their way by mining and manufacturing, with the odd mission for the various factions.  So YHI decided to declare war against the, lets call them merc corp, to try and help the friends of YHI.

YHI is outnumbered three to one, but it was assumed that .ARR. would help out and augment our fleet with some combat ships, sadly we were mistaken and at the time of writing they were corp hopping to try and escape the merc corp.

So we fell back on one of the few tactics that are available in a situation like this, hit and run, annoyance and ambush if possible.  For a short period of time we were able to accomplish the task quite well and probably drove them mad either trying to find us or sitting outside our station waiting for our undock when in fact we are at the bar trying all the blue liqueurs.

Once or twice we saw some opportunities but as this is an ongoing operation it would be remiss of me to describe something in detail that may be of some use to the enemy.  However I can say that so far we have lost a Battleship and nothing more which is within budget.  Roku had a Hyperion destroyed due to a successful trap which involved a bait Typhoon on station and a long range warp in of a Megathron, his name didn’t even appear in local until the last second.  Suffice to say we gave him a few “told you so’s” in the de-brief and that tactic is unlikely to work again.

From my point of view the purpose of the war is diminishing, .ARR. have moved on so they no longer need protection so all we are doing now is trying to save face, sometimes you just have to accept a defeat and move on when the odds are too great.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010




I have to learn to avoid the forums.  The heavy cloud of depression that descends on me after reading what is 95% garbage is extraordinary!

Especially at the moment after the news that CCP will not be devoting any real resources for about 18 months to fix current issues.  Rather they would prefer to continue developing DUST514 and their FOTM MMO, World of Darkness.

In addition we have now found, long suspected by me however, that the CSM has ZERO power, CCP has already pre-determined the future two years of development and the CSM can make no changes to that.  So this CSM and the next are a total waste of time, all they can do is make noise on the forums, their own blogs and elsewhere until CCP get sick of them and remove them as individuals, as happened recently, or kill the CSM as a whole.

Do it CCP, do it now.  While you’re at it also kill the General Discussion section of the forums and police the forums with this mythical “Ban Hammer” I heard about a very long time ago.  The filth will just move to a non-CCP forum and continue bitching, but that is fine.  The facade of perfection will have been re-created, the virgin will be a virgin again!

Of some interest though is the fact that DUST514 is almost done.  So DUST514 will be entering a console market that is already saturated by FPS games from franchises and companies much bigger than EVE Online and CCP.  Another issue on the horizon is the fact the current consoles that DUST514 is aimed at, the XBOX360 and PS3 are entering their evening time with replacements expected in the next 2-3 years. So what does this mean?  Well potentially the new consoles will not be backwards compatible, it has happened before.  Also the popular peak of a console game is short, all that development time for a peak of a few months, is that time well spent?

Finally we arrive at World of Darkness (WoD), by some quirk of fate it may, I say may, arrive in time for the most recent surge of vampire popularity, namely the Twilight travesty they call a film franchise, so maybe the local crowd of dyed black hair and full length coats will be able to drag themselves from watching the god awful movies for the umpteenth time, reading the even more god awful books time and time again to try WoD.  How many variations on the name of Edward and Jacob do you think will exist before someone ends it all with a strategically placed candle and the application of a four pound hammer?


Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert!

So the authorities have given us access to most planets for exploitation.

This is a first time, well at least as far as I can recall, that we have been given official access to pillage most planets in high, low and zero sec.

So I studied the proper subjects, jumped in a hauler and picked up the Command Centre of my choice, found a planet and setup my base.

Awesome now the ISK should really roll in, go!

I am still waiting.

I have also had another prospector setup his base very close to mine, potentially robbing me of minerals and therefore I will not stand for it!

Retaliation!  Blow up his base, set fire to his goats, eat his corn etc etc.

(Looks up the CONCORD rules for Planetary Interaction (PI))

Hmm it seems I can do none of that. A war declaration will possibly catch him/them when the materials are picked up, but the base can be remotely controlled so this could be at anytime.  Setting an ambush at that planets customs station for all eternity does not fill me with any joy.

What to do…

I know! I have some spare marines, I will let them loose on his base and leave it in ruin!

Hmmm I no longer seem to have any marines.

(Quick investigation)

Turns out if you leave some marines in close proximity with exotic dancers you end up with janitors, with no marines or dancers to be seen.

Least the hanger is clean now.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Council of Stellar Management

The Council of Stellar Management (CSM) is a body of players that are voted for by the players and represent all players with direct meetings with CCP and also correspondence to try and improve the game for us all.

The CSM has no power, they cannot force any decision upon CCP and mostly is a creation by CCP to try and calm the rabid hordes in the forums with the weak claim the CSM is helping you all so just shut up for a while, or something like that.

For disclosure reasons I must say I am not a member of the CSM, most likely never will be and believe it to be a total and complete waste of time.

So CCP have control of the situation in every respect, the CSM is their lackey, their lapdog to do their bidding when and where they see fit?  Well perhaps not.

We have news, ironically delivered by CCP via the News of Eve Service that a CSM member has been "removed", but then goes on to say that it was the only possible solution to protect the integrity of the CSM but as the matter is confidential they will not discuss it further.

So let the forum explosion happen....NOW!

The irony behind the delivery of this message was this, if CCP hadn't delivered the message the person had been removed then I, and probably many others wouldn't have known about it and then start questioning what had happened.  So now we have a situation where the only person speaking about it is the removed one and CCP are staying silent, although I suspect not forever.

So what happened?  Is it because of the description of the meeting or something else?  Does it involve a television thrown from the third story window, some hookers, the tight curve of an upper thigh and some blow?  What if it was caused by the soiling of some hallway etc etc etc.
We don't know, at the time of this writing, so we speculate, and don't think the pit of stinking monkeys that seems to inhabit the chat forums these days are not going to go totally bat shit insane about it.  Though to be fair few of them probably care about the issue but it's another lever to move the trolling crank.

Don't forget that more forums exist for chatting about Eve than the official one, the Scrapyard Challenge one comes to mind, their are probably others.

What could be saving this from becoming a huge issue is the general feeling of apathy towards the CSM, only a few thousand active accounts bothered to vote, out of, supposedly, three hundred thousand accounts.  Surely that confirms the CSM is an inert lump of clay, never to have a scroll of words inserted into its head?

Corporation Death

It's funny how quickly a corporation can die.  Often they don't disappear totally but just last week I was happy in the warm embrace of Sto-vo-kor, chatting with the other members over the sub space.

Something has changed, the mood, the feeling, something.

The CEO, or co-CEO I'm not sure, has stepped down.  Many of the pilots are not jacking in, not coming online.  It could be the recent move to a new zero security area has damaged the morale in some way, I'm at a loss to explain it.

So we will see what happens.  I suppose I could head back to the corporation I founded, I assume Roku would be okay with that, sort of makes training those new guys redundant though.

Change of plans new guys!  You are now forming the nucleus of a new corporation! YHI is no longer a training corp!  YHI is now a war deccing corp that will also roam low sec looking for trouble!

Yeah and watch them all shit bricks and I think one of them would explode.

I need a drink.

Damn refugees.

"Damn and blast the mother fucking Sansha driving this human refuse into my station!", the walls ring to my sudden shouted outburst.

Now I really need a drink.

Leaving my room behind me I head towards the bar.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I was chatting with Token Prophets the other day, nice girl, a bit hyperactive but I suppose that's what makes here a demon on the markets, twitchy and ready to strike.

She asked me how I became a pod pilot, we talked about it for a while and then after she had left for Dodixie I decided to record some of the details for your reading pleasure.

I was in my teens and always wondered about space, we all knew about the galaxy and the many planets, spaceships, crew and the almost mystical pod pilots.  So one day some people came to my school, I was a few years away from finishing and it was time to decide on a career.

I remember when the guidance counsellors said the word career it sort of thudded into my brain, like each letter was made of stone and dropped from a great height to crash into the ground like a biblical message from those on high.


So once I had recovered from the shock that here and now my future was being decided I noticed  that they were introducing some visitors, and a couple of them had sockets, they were pod pilots!

They looked almost human, I had always thought of them as very tall and more than a little bit god like, but they looked normal, like adult humans, they looked almost like me.

So I started listening, they were offering a potential career first as a crewman and then, maybe, as a pod pilot, I was fascinated, the male pilot, I never did get his name, had such a deep timbre and even voice.  Later on I surmised it came from being in many deadly situations and talking to some school kids was not one of those.

He should have talked with Mrs Mason then!

So he mentioned a test, the Elite test, I immediately said yes, as did some other people, the test was uploaded to our personal devices.  Essentially it was a simulation of what was actually happening out in the real universe except the planet names had been changed, the starter planet for me was called Lave.

So the Elite test gave me a rating, the powers that be noticed this and I was offered and accepted a place as a trainee, fast forward a bit and I became a pod pilot, that is where it gets interesting.

I'll recount that in the future.

Even more downtime!

So I lived through the infamous downtime incident of June 2010, well actually I slept through some of it and worked through most of the rest so I'm probably overplaying it somewhat, but dramatic stuff sells right?

Then about 12 hours after the servers came back they went down again, well at least that is what it looked like from here.  After a bit of snooping around I found the packets were being lost somewhere in London, then google searched my ISP and Eve Online and found some others were complaining about the same thing.

Ahh ha!  So found the culprit, put in a service request with my ISP and at around 6pm that evening I was able to login to Eve again, since this was a Saturday I'd lost most of the day, oh well.

So PI, you may have read my previous post/s about it, to be honest my interest has plummeted quite a bit in the last week or two, not really sure why.

I suspect one of the reasons is the current juggle of my main account and also an alt which is training and spending time with some newbies to try and bring them into the main characters corporation.  So the conclusion of all that is neither account is receiving enough love and I do not really have the time for the PI click fest.

Today they gave us a new ship for PI, the Primae, which is dedicated to PI work and reminds me of a small Orca in function and some people say it looks like Serenity from the TV series Firefly, though I struggle to see the similarity myself.

Nice looking ship, thanks CCP, bloody useless in anything else and the need had been filled from day one by low level haulers like the Iteron I and others, nice looking ship though, maybe I should cover it in plastic?

Finally we received a 100,000 skill point lump sum to be spent on whatever training you wish, as long as it was given to the correct character, I had a 50% success there.  On the one hand it is wonderful that CCP have decided to pay us for the long downtime we recently suffered but on the other hand it will only open a can of worms with people bitching and complaining about the amount of skill points, being paid to the wrong character etc etc.  Of course in the future if we have another unscheduled downtime, or even a long downtime the forums will alight with a depth of morons never before seen screaming for a skill point payment and howling in indignation when it is not paid.

Personally I would have told them it's my way or the highway, but maybe CCP have seen the demos for the upcoming Warhammer 40k MMO?