Thursday, April 29, 2010

Combat made small

Today elements of Sto-vo-kor in cooperation with The New Era fought and destroyed an enemy Mammoth in the S-U8A4 system at approximately 02:54.

Total damage taken by the Mammoth was 1508 with two Drakes and an Eris being employed in the mighty victory over a dastardly enemy pilot.

An un-named source said the Mammoth went down quicker than a Gallente exotic dancer at a Bucks Party.

Spoils from this magnificent victory included a destroyed ISK amount of approximately 26 Million ISK with a potential bounty of 11.6 Million ISK.

Cykasm, top damage and also final blow dealer was suitably happy with the destruction and ended the interview humming a happy tune.

Yosagi Yojimbo  -  Not entirely accurate combat correspondent.

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