Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Your Bio is depressing Yosagi

So it was said during an alliance chat that I was participating in.  For some reason my bio was checked out and judged to be depressing.

Here it is for your viewing pleasure:

You are not special.
Odds are you will never achieve anything remarkable.
Your existance has been forgotten by most that have met you.
The Universe does not care if you live or die, pass or fail, win or lose.
When heat death is final and nothing remains in the entire Universe, not even a mote or a single atom, humanity will be a forgotten blip towards the fuzzy beginning of it all.

Then whatever is left can ask itself, "How the HELL can a ship collide with a lighthouse?!?"

The intention was to build towards the punchline, of sorts, at the end about the irony of a ship hitting the very thing that is trying to help it.

I have a theory that the depression builds while reading it, people don't get to the end and then comment to me in alliance chat or go watch Donni Darko (as disclosure I quite like that movie).

/me shrugs

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