Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I was chatting with Token Prophets the other day, nice girl, a bit hyperactive but I suppose that's what makes here a demon on the markets, twitchy and ready to strike.

She asked me how I became a pod pilot, we talked about it for a while and then after she had left for Dodixie I decided to record some of the details for your reading pleasure.

I was in my teens and always wondered about space, we all knew about the galaxy and the many planets, spaceships, crew and the almost mystical pod pilots.  So one day some people came to my school, I was a few years away from finishing and it was time to decide on a career.

I remember when the guidance counsellors said the word career it sort of thudded into my brain, like each letter was made of stone and dropped from a great height to crash into the ground like a biblical message from those on high.


So once I had recovered from the shock that here and now my future was being decided I noticed  that they were introducing some visitors, and a couple of them had sockets, they were pod pilots!

They looked almost human, I had always thought of them as very tall and more than a little bit god like, but they looked normal, like adult humans, they looked almost like me.

So I started listening, they were offering a potential career first as a crewman and then, maybe, as a pod pilot, I was fascinated, the male pilot, I never did get his name, had such a deep timbre and even voice.  Later on I surmised it came from being in many deadly situations and talking to some school kids was not one of those.

He should have talked with Mrs Mason then!

So he mentioned a test, the Elite test, I immediately said yes, as did some other people, the test was uploaded to our personal devices.  Essentially it was a simulation of what was actually happening out in the real universe except the planet names had been changed, the starter planet for me was called Lave.

So the Elite test gave me a rating, the powers that be noticed this and I was offered and accepted a place as a trainee, fast forward a bit and I became a pod pilot, that is where it gets interesting.

I'll recount that in the future.

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