Friday, June 11, 2010

Now we need some Llamas!

The Tyrannis expansion seems like a non-event.  The roll out of the expansion has been slow with more parts released recently, Eve Gate and Planetary Interaction (PI).

Eve Gate I'm not sure about at the moment, perhaps its usefulness will grow over time, at the moment I'd say its use is limited.

PI has been available, at least the training has been, since the expansion.  So when the Command Centers were finally released to the capsule pilots a few weeks afterwards their was a sense of excitement.  On the day of "The Great Land Rush" it seemed that every man and his dog was flying around in haulers servicing their budding PI installations.

Personally I cannot really see the need for PI, the system we had was fine, even though those items were supplied by NPC's.

Hold on a minute while I check my PI installation.

So where was I?  Ahh yes PI being a waste of time.  The ability to create your own POS materials and other things using the local planets is moderately handy I guess.

Wait a sec, if I adjust my extractors closer to the production modules I can cut down on link distance and thus can create more structures. Fiddle, fiddle, fiddle, that got it.

Yes so as I was saying....hmmmm I can create both items on the same planet and then use an advanced production facility to manufacture them into something else which also reduces their m3 and the customs charges.

Talk amongst yourselves for a while I want to optimise my third PI installation.

Customers are waiting!

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