Thursday, August 19, 2010

The mission wall


Yes I finally hit the mission wall, again.  We were doing AE or something and we discovered that none of us were paying any attention to the mission at hand.  I was reading on another computer about the Dakota wars in North America during the late nineteenth century.  Another member was playing Bejewelled and the third was playing with his new Samsung smart phone.

None of us were actually using the bulk of our attention to mission.

After we discovered this together and we all admitted to it we all agreed the missions, while required for ISK making, were killing us and the love for the game.

So last night we went low sec roaming, eventually.

For a corp that is supposed to go low sec roaming often we found that none of us actually had ships fitted for the task. So with us all fitting out ships and waiting for a member to come back from afk one hour went by before we could move out, annoying but should be better next time.

So eventually we all arrive in our high sec jumping off point for the entry to low sec, I send the scout in, who is learning, and get intel of a Drake sitting on the gate and about eight more people in local.  I ask the scout to see if the locals are in the same corp as the Drake, so I am then given all sorts of information except what I asked for.  So after asking for the corp information a couple more times, the scout at this stage has warped away from the gate at my request, we jump in anyway.

Fail scout.

The Drake is no longer there but a heap of my old corp mates from Sto-vo-kor are the ones in local.  Knowing how these guys work that Drake was a bait trap and it was good we didn’t try and shoot him up.

So they are camping one of the two other gates in the system, we chat in local once they discover I am in local but we are also trying to find out where they are as we might be chatting but that could also be the precursor to an attack.

It all seems good, the threat of attack seems to diminish, but we are running out of time as DT is approaching, we say our goodbyes and leave system.

Heading a few more jumps into low sec and it would seem one of their scouts is following us, or maybe just going to the same place, as our destination system is soon crawling with Russians bent on mayhem and destruction, too many for us which means the night is going to be a wash.

At least we were not missioning though.

Twenty minutes to go and we make our way out, leaving low sec with no issues, and then the private chat windows chat appearing.  The end result is unknown at the moment but we could be going blue with the alliance they are in, or perhaps even joining the alliance.

So while our roam was a bust it may have been a very successful night after all.

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