Wednesday, September 8, 2010


When I’m in a ship my pod feels like a womb, a warm nourishing embrace.
Once the pod is ejected from my ship due to its destruction it feels like a coffin.
So we are trying to hone our combat skills for the upcoming joint operations with our new alliance.
To just talk about that in passing for the moment. We have joined the Alliance I was with when in Sto-vo-kor.  This should bring benefits to the corporation and with luck we can contribute to the alliance.
So anyway we had setup a gate camp for worthy targets, however most ships seemed to be Buzzards, we were just about to call it and head back to the bar in Olo when a Scorpion hit the gate and Roku, the scout on the other side of the gate, let us know.  Combat had arrived.
The scorpion finally uncloaked and we destroyed him very fast…however…and we have pieced together this information after the fact… he was being chased and ran out of luck when he hit our gate.  Soon afterwards so did we.
He was being pursued by a larger group, quite a mix of ships including a Strategic Cruiser, Battleship and others.  They engaged us, we were scattered due to the Scorpion kill and they cleaned us up. Sanjuro managed to warp away, but my ship and one other was destroyed, we both warped our pods away.
Later on during the debrief we gathered the fragments of information together to conclude the Scorpion pilot was going to be destroyed by us or them, that much was clear.  However their fleet was better than ours, and more organised at that stage so we lost, it was unlikely we would have won.
We live and learn to fight another day.

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