Saturday, October 30, 2010

Preaching to the Choir

Online advertising is the funny thing.

I play Eve Online (we know!), so I visit Eve Online web sites from time to time for the usual things.

Then I visit other web sites for whatever, but those sites have looked at where my browser has been, so I get adverts for Eve Online.

What is the point of this?  To remind me I play Eve Online? Does Eve get cold if I’m away for too long?  Is it a Zen thing?  Does Eve not exist if I’m not playing it?

Would it not make more sense to look at the browsing history and compare that against the ten biggest MMO’s out there at the moment, I can only name one the other nine you’ll have to help me with, and then show ads for Eve to THOSE people?

So to try and get new players into the game rather than telling people who already know about Eve, that their is this game called Eve?

/me shrugs

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