Friday, November 19, 2010

The Dread Pirates!


Recently the Messoya gate in Tasti has been camped from time to time most days by some pirates.

The composition of their fleet is very efficient, they have in addition to the usual BS and BC’s some guardians and other support ships.

I’ve spent some time watching how they operate and it’s fascinating to observe.  They will chase most ships except for pods and shuttles.  Most of the time they have a very fast lock and point ship which will end your ships life in a very short amount of time.

Once the gate camp goes up it is reported in the various intel channels I subscribe to almost immediately, but still I can watch the gate camp from a cloaked position and watch alliance and blue ships get trapped and destroyed time and time again.

The tools are there, people don’t use them, their ship gets destroyed, they bitch about it and the entire fault is theirs nobody else's.

The tools are out there so use them!

Removing the gate camp is tough, they smash anything small fleets, they run from a larger fleet only to reform later on.  What is required is a standing fleet in or near Tasti to keep the dirty pirates either docked up or elsewhere.

Who wants to baby sit the Tasti system all the time?

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