Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Blue with Blue equals Red!

Read carefully as their may be a test.

Our alliance is called c0nvicted (yes with a zero instead of the letter o).

We were invited into our current area in Geminate by RAGE alliance to help rid the area of the various Russian corps and alliances.  This was done and the Russians moved on and all was good.

Then the leadership in RAGE alliance changed and they decided to state that we were pets of their alliance and we had better be good pets or look out!

Somewhere along the line it was decided by RAGE alliance that we had not been good pets, it was quite the surprise to us, but we had not shown the proper respect towards them and thus we should move out.

Of course this has nothing to do with the station we have in LR-2XT and all the money we've spent on it, nothing at all, I don't know why we even keep on mentioning it.

Quickly moving along.

So three days ago they gave us 24 hours to drop sovereignty and being really nice guys they would even help us move our stuff in their ships if we need them too.  It was not made clear where this stuff would be moved to and who the new owners of that stuff would be after the move however.

Just to make it even more interesting the Russians are once again on the surge having pushed the NC out of the Drone Regions.

The deadline came and went with a whooshing sound that DNA used to love.

Since then the discussions have been many and long between the various higher ups in our alliance, happily I'm not involved with that.

However the mood of the 700+ alliance members is pretty ugly.  Since the news was announced the local markets have dried up of nearly all PVP related items like ships, ammo and modules.  If you had to pick a decision based on the purchases of the alliance members I'd say everybody wants to close the jump gates and hunker down for a siege.

Or if we wish to use a Dark Ages analogy.

We are not quite to the stage of standing on the hills banging our shields with a sword and yelling out "We're gonna cut your todgers orf!" but it cannot be far away.  I'd say at the moment we are sharpening our swords and talking in quiet voices using a tone that describes the near future better than any poet could.

Very soon we may be living in "Interesting Times".

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