Sunday, December 19, 2010


So we hit a large offline POS in low sec yesterday afternoon, and evening.

Every time I'm involved in a POS bash I say to myself I'll never do another one.  However enough time elapses and the pain fades then lo and behold I'm once again plinking away at some poor bastards tower.


Anyway on a slightly brighter side the alt corp has been war decced by a corp it was at war with previously, though for reasons I forget.  It must not have been very memorable as the other people involved at the time also don't remember exactly what happened.

So I have no idea why the dec was made though it hardly effects the running of the corp or activities of the remaining members.  The only purpose I can think of at the moment is some sort of economic reason, stopping the market or PI activities?

Not wanting to enter into specifics at the moment but it has done no damage so far.

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