Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Money, it's a gas!

Recently I had an account issue and CCP could not bill my card for the alt account.  They had sent me an email about this so I replied with a question as to the reason as I didn't want to make a duplicate payment.

The alt's offline time was good, it let him shower, have something to eat and give the wife the pickle tickle.

However about 8 hours later the response came back from CCP saying they were sorry but they didn't know what the issue was and I should just try and make the payment myself and see how it goes.

So I did and it was fine, logged back in and watched the alt wave goodbye to his family again for at least three months.

Each payment in your My Account settings on the Eve Online web site has a PaymentID which should be a unique number for payments given the description.

So using my latest PaymentID number 12835063 (intentionally changed in a minor way to avoid giving away my actual latest PaymentID number for information or paranoia reasons) and multiply that by the smallest amount per PaymentID which is $14.95 we come up with a dollar figure of nearly 192 million dollars since the beginning.

This assumes that payments started from 1 and not some arbitrary number later on but also the figure should/could be higher than this as some folks will pay more than $14.95 per PaymentID.

Another interesting figure is from now until the creation of the alts account which was approx August 2008, using the same method CCP have accepted 85.3 million dollars in two and a bit years.

Some questions.

Are these figure correct?  I don't know and they assume quite a bit.

Could I prove these figures?  No and I'm sure CCP would not tell you either.

Why do they make so much money?  They are a business and costs for Eve, World of Darkness, DUST514, and others would substantially eat into this.

I could argue X & Y & Z against this!  Go ahead.  So could I, it could probably never be proven one way or another but I find it interesting and therefore it is here.

I've run out of questions.  Good as I've run out of answers.

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