Sunday, January 9, 2011


When I'm riding my motorcycle on the highway it gives me a feeling of freedom.  I've put an image of me below.

I don't ride a motorcycle.

Here is a weightlifting image, pretty happy with my muscles.

That is not me.  It is a stock photo of some guy.  The hint should be the watermark.

Here I am looking into the camera, damn I'm sexy!

She is not me.  

A while ago a read a post on the forums of some guy who "proved" by showing several images that he was not botting.  The images he showed were some rigged affair of sticks and rubber bands that would let him move one mouse which then moved several others.  The same sort of thing for keyboard etc etc.

The images you see anywhere are not necessarily a truthful representation of the reality of the matter.

Should you accept them?  Perhaps.  Judge what you see and decide from there, at the very least until you know some more.

Try and use some common sense, which in my experience is in very short supply, before jumping aboard some movement that will just make you look bloody stupid.

As you can be damn sure I'm going to remind you of the matter for a very long time.

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