Monday, January 31, 2011

Cleaning up My Blog List & Phone Apps

As The Adventures of a n0.0b and A Scouts Domain have not updated in seven and eight months respectively I have removed them from My Blog List.

I miss Capsuleer as the blog part of that application was very handy for my viewing habits.  Capsuleer still functions somewhat as it shows me my training and ISK but over time that will stop as CCP changes the API away from what Capsuleer can handle now it is not receiving any updates.

Posted here Portrait Bandwagon Continues was the Portrait Fetcher from, now if you actually browse to the URL you'll notice an application for the Windows Phone 7 series of devices that should provide the functionality of Capsuleer and more.  Should the application also become available for Android and iPhone devices it could gain some traction in the Eve Online user base.

The only other comparable application I know about for smartphone devices is iClone.  I find iClone to be large and bloated, it also doesn't update the skills for my two main characters.  I have heard however they are working on a leaner and meaner version that may address some of these issues.

CCP are modifying the API at the moment which may be delaying the release of these programs, or CCP will be releasing one of their own, who knows!

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