Monday, January 3, 2011

Some More Combat Notes

These were written down before, during and after the penultimate battle for LR-2XT in Geminate.

Last stand.
CTA called.
Forming up at POS.
Intel pilots reporting nuet & red movements in surrounding systems.
Expecting an attack soon.
RAGE has given 30 minutes warning for CTA, probably against us.
Fleet warping - red spike in destination system.
Warped to previously unknown bubble, left bubble urgently, warped away.
Trying to get a good warp in on the bubbled gate.
Situation is tense.
The enemy is here.
Warp back and forth repeatedly attacking, kill a few.
FC handover disaster!
FC only solo warped and left fleet behind.
Ships die, support dies
FC once again solo warps.
More die, support dies again.
FC fail cascade!
Waiting at POS to catch our breath.
They orbit our fleet with fast ships and then warp to that fast ship which puts their ships inside our main grouping.
Red response is fast.
Reds warp to POS and attack modules.
Station is also camped, blues die as they don't listen to comms or read fleet channel, they undock and die.
Watching reds kill our POS modules while we make a new plan.
Another guy dies after drifting from POS - stupid!
Reds killing cyno jammer.
Capitals will be next.
Our SB's bombing their drones.
Each successful bomb run brings a cheer over comms.
Capitals have arrived on station.
About fifteen.
SB bombing attempts do little damage against enemy ships.
We lose the occasional SB during bomb runs.
Reds leave system.
We start picking up the pieces.

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