Saturday, January 1, 2011

Weighing It All Up

Our insurrection against RAGE and relations approaches its end game.  The final result was never really in doubt however we've done better than expected.

For instance they outnumber us by many numbers to one but the kill/loss (K/L) figure are almost the same, currently 250 kills for 242 losses.

Given that RAGE has in comparison virtually unlimited resources and we committed everything, including reserves I think from their point of view the K/L ratio (1.03) is quite poor.

Battles are often won by limiting the amount of mistakes, wars are usually won by those with the most resources.

Stealth bombers.  Early in the campaign we didn't use them very well, losing many of them.  As the campaign progressed we had an education under fire on their best use, and attempting to avoid losses.  We ended up using them much more effectively in the penultimate battle.

However in that battle, or series of battles some major Fleet Controller (FC) errors cost us some major ISK and certainly hurt our combat potential.

Would we have won these battles if these errors hadn't been made?  Maybe.

Would we have won the war? No.

In short we fleet warped carriers into combat that were repairing a POS and should not have been part of the fight, some were lost.  To be fair the carriers should have been paying more attention and stopped the fleet warp, so the blame lays somewhere between the two.

We also, on two occasions screwed up fleet warps, with just the FC warping away from danger, or his squad, leaving the fleet behind.  What hurt most was losing the guardians (combat repping ships) the first time, and then we did it again!  Fleet combat has plenty of stress, and this was probably an example of that.

Very soon the final battle will occur.  This will be mostly a show battle as the result cannot be changed, we will lose LR-2XT, the best we can hope for is to inflict some losses and harass the enemy.

Which should be rather enjoyable.

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