Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Hard Days Night

I don't post much about normal operations as it mostly consists of fleet form, travel, wait, shoot some stuff and come home.

Not very interesting.

The other night though we were tasked with taking down a Territorial Claim Unit (TCU) which we did at about 1am my time.  I logged from the game and eventually managed about four hours sleep, then logged in again the following morning while having my breakfast.

To find somebody else had placed another TCU in the same system and we had to take that one down also.


We fleet up again and head out, once again hitting this damn thing.  This time the neutral locals were expressing their displeasure at our destruction of their TCU.  As it turned out some diplomacy was happening in the background and we were pulled off the unit once the shields were mostly gone.

Mere minutes later a red fleet enters the system and destroys the TCU, thanking us for reducing the shields the cheeky buggers.  I remained in the system the whole time cloaked up and keeping an eye on the ingress/egress gate, but the reds "cleansed" their kill mail to remove our names and only theirs remained.


Anyway we had noticed a Player Owned Structure (POS) in the system so after a couple of hours just ratting and doing stuff we re-fleeted and travelled once again to the target system.

Took out the guns and other annoying structures around the POS and then proceeded to destroy the TCU at the same location, after that the POS was put into reinforced at about 1am my time.

Awesome more sleep lost.

After this we headed home.

Another couple of days in C0nvicted done.

A hard days night by Yosagi Yojimbo

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