Monday, March 21, 2011

It's CSM Time!

Yes it's that time of the year again when we vote for numerous unlucky bastards to represent the users and fly to Iceland at least once and chat with CCP about the direction of the game and just how much oil to swallow before going on a pub crawl!

(takes a breath)

Hold on a sec that sounds pretty good.

Mind you I'm in a climate that when it drops to 20 degrees Celsius people start saying how cold it is.

Of course the voting system they are using is wrong as it virtually guarantees that whoever gets in has been voted against by the majority.

Rejoice in reading the comparisons between First Past the Post and Preferential voting systems!

My Alliance gave all of us a recommendation on who to vote for, which is to be expected, who you actually vote for is your own business.

One of the candidates is The Mittani (aka Mittens) of Goonies.  I must admit some people are going to vote for him in the grim fascination of seeing what might happen.

However if he wins, he loses.  CCP will not make the changes he'll request, if/when he flies off the deep end and abuses/threatens them he's gone.  When his term is over and nothing has been achieved his currency will be worth less then Zimbabwe's.

Vote One for Mittens!

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