Monday, March 14, 2011

More RMT Details

In this post EveNews24 and RMT'ing I posted about some details of the large real money trading for ISK operation that was at

Now more details have been released which allow us to cross link various information like character names, corporations and alliances.

Most of the acts were perpetuated by people not in an alliance.Wildly Inappropriate alliance heads the list after the unaffiliated with $5068.45 (US dollars?) spent on "illegal" in game ISK.

Various other facts and figures are in there which you can view at your leisure.

Disappointingly I found two current or recent members of my alliance on the list, Dakahn1985 who was with The New Era until less than 24 hours ago, and Poncho87e of The Resident Haunting who is still a member at the time of writing.

The arguments about real money trading go back and forth, my position is I do not support it officially or unofficially.  However as it will always exist out of the game CCP have acknowledged this and have created a legal RMT scheme using the PLEX mechanic.

Grudgingly I can see why they had to do this, and it also supports their soon to be realised micro transaction system.

Three thousand, six hundred and ten names are on that list, assuming a monthly subscription figure of $14.95 means a potential total spend of those characters just short of $54,000 every month.

In theory most if not all of those people/characters will be banned, and that money will be a hole in CCP's finances.

I'll be certainly keeping an eye on a selection of names to see what happens to them.

More RMT Details (14 March, 2011) by Yosagi Yojimbo

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