Friday, April 29, 2011

Clearing the Area

Now that the alliance is once again carving out its own portion of space the pilot numbers are rising.  A certain percentage of these new comers will be "fair weather friends" as they are here for the space, not for our own unique form of companionship.

Some new corps have joined, most corps have boosted their numbers, and the industry corp has left.  It seems the industry corp liked their taste of PVP and fragmented with some members going to other corps in the alliance, with the remainder staying on and leaving the alliance.

With luck we'll pick up another industry corp soon, hopefully one a bit larger and better organised.

Getting back to our own space we've even turned up on the sovereignty map as a white thumb print in the bottom left corner which is pretty cool.

The sovereignty grind has been fairly relentless though as we clear our local space of the I.T. remaining structures, with luck it'll finish soon.  On the plus side as some of the new friends have moved down already the fleet sizes have been larger so these targets are going down pretty fast.

On comms some of the new folks are remarking that this is the first time they've seen some of the larger ships which is interesting, more than a few of them are a bit green I'd say.

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