Friday, April 1, 2011

Fanfest 2011

The Fanfest has been run and won by the lucky folks who dragged themselves to Iceland and joined the CCP celebration.

From what I've read their is little from the event that we can look forward to for the coming year.

If I had to stretch I'd say the Captains Quarters looks promising, but it's a building block of more to come.  The other item is this new server CCP has bought, a reasonable assumption would be the expectation this will reduce lag or improve the game in some respect.

For your browsing pleasure have a look here, and here, and here for more information.

I'm disappointed we didn't see any real information about the time frame of Incarna, DUST514 or even World of Darkness, however we can now forget about Fanfest and return to some local space activity.

In the next post.

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