Friday, April 22, 2011

My Sansha Incursion

Emerging from the medical wing I walked, still in a bit of a stupor, towards my quarters.  The medical wing is some distance from my abode, my route also takes me past my favourite bar, but after jump cloning I'm rarely in the mood to imbibe in my favourite consciousness altering beverage.  Nearing the door of my quarters my newly inhabited brain finally caught up with the surroundings, the usual raucous noise from the bar was gone and the station had a green tinge from some sort of hidden lighting.

Suddenly the synapses kicked into gear and breaking into a run I charged at my door, entered the room and accessed the computer terminal.

"Damn! It's a fucking Sansha Incursion!", I yelled.

I'd known about the Sansha problem for some time but we'd never had an issue with them so close to Jita, in fact looking at the star map the boundary of the incursion was only two jumps from Jita.

"That must be making the scum and villainy of Jitters nervous", I chuckled.

Checking to see if Roku is on the net I sent a chat request and wait for the connection, which is not long in coming.

"Yosagi my old bean how the hell are you?  Haven't spoken in weeks, I hope everything is well down in null sec", Roku said with far too much enthusiasm.

"Yeah cut the crap, I've just JC'd back to high sec and now I've a sore head.  Why didn't you tell me about the incursion?", I said fairly grumpily.

"Oh that?  Well I didn't think you'd be coming back for another week and with luck the locals will have them cleared off in that time."

"So how is the "clearing off" going then?"

"Ahh...not well, they thought it could be cleared from Olo in about four hours but it's been a couple of days, they can't get their shit together for some reason."

"Okay.  Well how does this effect production?  I'm assuming negatively?", I ask.

"Well it doesn't make it any easier", Roku said jovially.  "Token and I are mostly just running the production facilities until empty and then waiting for the Sansha to leave before undocking Sushi Train."

"Yeah that Orca would make a nice target for those guys.  Where is Token by the way?"

"She went back to her bolt hole when these guys turned up, she'll be back when they go I'd say."

"Yeah fair enough.  Well I have some manufacturing to catch up on so I'll chat up with you in a couple of days.", I said, accepting the situation as something I cannot do much about at the moment.

"Talk with you then.", and with that Roku broke the connection.

So the Sansha are going to slow down production, but probably for everybody in the local area.  I would prefer to have production slowed down than risk large expensive hauler ships at the moment, so it's probably a good time for maintenance of the PI facilities.

In the mean time I need to make some Maelstroms, get some real sleep, and then jump into something dangerous and see what I can do about these Sansha folks.

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