Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ending It All In The Captains Quarters

One of the few advantages that living in the land of VB, Kangaroos and Burpengary is the timing of expansions for Eve Online.  Generally they happen overnight and while I'm blissfully asleep desperately gathering as much unconscious time as I can the small furry rodents at CCP are busy making the expansion happen.

This one went overtime, which was not unexpected.  In the end it was only a few hours late, so I did a few things around the house, and once GtkEveMon reported rising Tranquility numbers I started downloading the expansion the manual way for installation on both computers.

741Mb later, and then a small client update for each machine and we are go.

Firstly the Ubuntu machine.  Knowing that Incarna was going to hit sometime this year I updated the video card a while ago, and now I'm very thankful I did.  Performance in the Captains Quarters (CQ) is okay.  The colours on the avatar are a little strange, fluorescent eyebrows and hands, but otherwise fine.  Some playing around with the graphics settings could change this, not a big deal either way for me.

Outside the station it seems a bit slower, again not a big issue as that machine is mostly used to keep an eye on market orders and other administrative tasks, once again I'll fiddle with some graphics settings and see what happens.

On the Windows machine which runs the main account the CQ, with the graphics settings all at max, was a little slow, and also the visuals, particularly of my avatar, was a little too sharp.  Funnily enough I dropped the graphics settings to medium across the board and this improved the look of the avatar and sped up the CQ experience also.

Thankfully all the usual control buttons have been left in the game so the CQ could be totally ignored if you wish. Once the initial exploration has been completed I'll probably use it in that way, especially as the grey on grey on grey "colour" scheme is quite depressing.

I took some screen shots!

Graphics on high showing the infamous mirror which can be used to modify your appearance or just admire how sexy you are.
Graphics on medium showing the mirror once again, at the moment my preferred setting.

A view of the hanger area showing my currently active ship, a Myrmidon.

The couch.  Enables viewing of the central propaganda screen (I cannot find the remote control to change the channel), corporation screen on the left and planetary interaction screen on the right.  The central screen has some hot spots like news items but they open the In Game Browser (IGB) to display the information rather than it appearing on the main screen.

Then something strange happened.  While I was logged in using the market girl avatar I changed the graphics settings and this happened.

The mystery of the invisible body or floating hair!

So the hair floated to the door that enables station access, only to be told the air was not good enough to enter quite yet.

Then the hair floated out along the walkway to the hanger bay.

To view the mighty power that is the Minmater Rifter in all its glory!

With the hair now podded up and controlling the Rifter, now slightly more agile due to the sixty five kilogram weight reduction that having no body provides, viewed a local miner and his weapons of ore harvest.

Lunch time.

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