Thursday, June 23, 2011

Something Is Wrong

Well I've experienced the Captains Quarters (CQ) for the first day.  I found it a little distracting at first but became used to it soon enough.

The handiest thing I've discovered is how to walk properly, if you hold both your left and right mouse buttons down the avatar will walk forward and by moving the mouse you can steer.

Other experiences may differ, but on my machine I am experiencing no reduction in speed of the in station actions I want to perform, so CQ can be embraced or ignored and operational speed is not negatively impacted.

Some strange things about my CQ though.

The bed looks very uncomfortable, plus their are no sheets, covers, etc etc.

Their is no bathroom, no kitchen, I cannot change any of the channels on my screens, the door to the hanger doesn't close after me so the room, I assume, would be very cold and also insecure.

It doesn't look like a place anybody has lived in, or could live in.

Perhaps it's a subtle hint from CCP or CONCORD that I should be piloting my starship and not watching endless repeats of CONCORD's greatest hits on the big screen?

/me shrugs

In local channel somebody, I'm sorry I should have recorded the name, posted this image.


Also while mucking about with the graphics settings in Eve Online on my Ubuntu computer I managed the following.


Pray you don't meet her

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