Monday, June 13, 2011

War Is Coming

We live in interesting times these days in Delve.  It would seem every man and his dog has moved, or is moving into our little slice of heaven, with typical results.

Luckily I was able to consult my Magic 8 Ball several days ago and I amalgamated my "stuff" into the main station, as previously it was strewn across at least three.

Today has been the first day we've seen major red fleets rolling through, by ourselves, not in our prime time, we can only hope to pick off small groups, stragglers, or bolster existing blue fleets.

It has been busy!

I managed to get a final shot on a Thorax and Omen last night in a small corporation roam, was pretty quiet which could be an issue as that's our prime time.

Delve is so confused at the moment it could take a while to settle down, we even shot up a Brick Squad iHub recently, they are a long way from home!

Evenews24 have a pretty good article on the history of Delve and what is happening now, and what may happen in the future, it is worth a read.

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