Wednesday, October 5, 2011

War Dec Twilight Zone

Recently, not long after I re-joined Walking Ghost Phase, we were involved in a war declaration with a small industry corporation.

We assumed it would be the normal thing.  We'd camp them in station, they would do what they could while we were logged off, maybe try and catch a straggler of ours, etc etc.

Little did we know how strange it was about to become.

We knew most of their names so we knew when the active members were online.

A couple were online and we tracked him to a high sec system, but couldn't find him in the system.

I was coming back from many jumps away in the frigate fitted as a taxi, so no real help.

As I jumped into the system he was in I saw him at the gate, I warped away quickly but relayed the information to a corp mate who had a PVP ship, he arrived at the gate I had just left.

To find the war target still sitting there, AFK mind you, in a Caracal Navy Issue.

It died and so did the pod.

Sometime in the next twenty four hours we received a complaint mail from the war target angry that we had destroyed an AFK ship.

You have got to be kidding!!!

The following day the same corp member destroys one of their haulers, a Badger Mark II, again doing nothing to avoid us, again the pod was killed.

Then finally I'm able to get in on the action as the same guy who was flying the hauler has been located in a noob ship, the Ibis, I find him auto piloting to a gate and that ship dies exactly one hour after the hauler did.  Once again he is podded.

Two days pass.

The same corp mate who destroyed the Caracal and Badger destroys the noob ship and pod of Ibis man once again, but this time we know where his clone medical facility is.

So I camp the station fully expecting him to sit there for hours and hours.

He undocks in a noob ship.

I destroy it and pod him.

He undocks again in another Ibis.

I destroy it and his pod.

He undocks a third time!

I once again destroy the Ibis but this time he makes an attempt to warp away in the pod and gets away.

I'm in close pursuit behind him to the same gate he warped to, to find he's autopiloting the pod which I then destroy.

He seems to give up for the day and logs off.

Three more days pass, they've been offline for almost all of that time.  We spot one of them in a system in an unknown ship, the other we discover soon, coming through a gate in a Drake.

We ignore the Drake for the moment as we have bigger fish to fry.

Using some probe magic we discover the war target name in a Noctis, the Drake has already left system by this point.  The prober warps in, points the target and destroys it before I even arrive.  The Noctis made no attempt to safe up and it would seem his comrade did not warn him of our obvious intention.

Not long after this the war dec spluttered to a halt as shooting fish in a barrel has zero appeal for me.

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