Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blue Balled & Fanfest & Douche FC's

On deployment at the moment at the behest of the alliance.


We were roaming around a couple of nights ago and the best intel we received from another roaming blue group was "we think a red went down through here a while ago".


Massive blue ball so far.

So currently in corp voice chat a few members are competing to see how high they can make their ship spinning numbers.

Yes that's actually happening.

Whereas the region we left behind has become a whirling dervish of activity as PL seem to be hot dropping pods with legions of carriers, I suspect they are also bored.

Fanfest 2012 is in a day or so, some live video will be available, either SD for free and HD for about a PLEX, though you'll receive a "free" hauler and t-shirt for that.

The only real thing I'm looking forward to at the Fanfest is the reception that DUST514 will receive, hopefully a good one.

Getting back to deployment and fleets.

I heard the other day that in a fleet, upon DBRB being announced as the FC, about thirty pilots left fleet but not before saying why.

Turns out they had "experienced" a DBRB fleet one too many times.

So I thought about the best way to describe to somebody who hasn't experienced the majesty of a DBRB fleet.

Being on voice comms with DBRB as FC is very similar to three hours of the worst Adam Sandler humour machine gunned at you, and you cannot leave.

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