Saturday, March 10, 2012

How Long Is It?

Without attention they fade away
Welcome to March 2012!

We are not too far away from the Fanfest in sunny Iceland, which also means it's voting time for the Council of Stellar Management (CSM) number 7!

This year we have seen the usual grandstanding from those you style themselves after Nero or Caligula, mass spamming of in game mail boxes (ignoring spam charges and blocks), scams with promises for PLEX in return for a vote and some other shenanigans that just go on and on and on.

Eve Online is becoming more like real life everyday it would seem.

I have to wonder what percentage of people want a spot on CSM7 to actually help the game, grandstand or "win" a few free trips to Iceland.

Obviously with the goonies voting as a block I'd be very surprised if Mittens, the Grand Poobah of that particular juggernaut didn't get up again, and quite possibly as the chairperson.

Unless some obstacle stops him from being chairperson again that I'm not aware of.

Chairperson is such a dumb description, it's like saying "I'm a male nurse".  Well of course you're a male nurse, you must likely have "meat and two veg" swinging down there and a five o'clock shadow so the "male" description is rather redundant.

I digress.

CSM7 could be a very important gathering as the coming year will bring us DUST514, the continuing re-focusing of "internet space ships" in Eve Online, I would say some more improvements to Walking In Stations, and, the complete elimination of Down Time (DT).

We live in hope.

Although I do say that with some seriousness as the other night, DT, which for us is slap bang in the middle of prime gaming time, was only six minutes long. You might think that six minutes isn't much and you'd be somewhat correct but the disruption it causes ripples out well past the "server up" time.

DT is officially 30 minutes so that is what everybody plans for, so a 6 minute DT is still essentially at least 30 minutes if you are planning an operation or roam as it takes that long for everybody to get ready.

So the other night DT was 6 minutes long, but it took 45 minutes to finish.

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