Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fever Posting

I must give thanks to one or more of my fellow travellers who passed on their flu to be loved and cared for by my internal organs.

Much love.

One of the weird things about Eve and logging in again after a couple of weeks was it tried to play the introduction video and also the pre-entered login information was gone.

Passive aggressive way to say I've been gone too long?

The in game music (Eve has sound?) has also been switched on, switched it off.

On the Linux box all of the above happened (well not the flu part) but the most surprising one was the Jukebox which in the past has crashed the game nine times out of ten.

It was also switched off again.

In the actual game not much has changed, it's only been two weeks after all, but it seems the Minmater ships have lost their rust.

They appear more golden now which I suppose fits their role as the slaves of the Amarr, but Minmater without the rust is like Mittens without the huge ego, thousands of retarded followers and a carefully built web of lies.

It just doesn't fit.

Lastly while cruising the CCP forums I came across this gem, while funny now it was probably full of drama at the time.

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