Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Stormy Times

The storms were closing in and reliable power was becoming a luxury.  I had the weather RADAR image refreshing from the Bureau of Meteorology every ten minutes, the fastest it can and watched the rain front approach from the south west.

This was the first storm front in many months and after only receiving a millimetre or two of rain for the whole  month the rain would be welcome.

In game I'd finally received the IP details for the chat server after weeks of asking, maybe somebody noticed my null sec downsizing?  This meant I was finally able to login to voice chat and go on roams, though this was slightly difficult as all but one or two ships has been stripped of fittings and left with just rigs.  I resisted the urge a couple of nights prior to just sell them all and move on, that offer from the people in the "Boystin Pocket" was intriguing and gnawing away somewhere in the grey matter.

Sitting in a system a fair distance from the front line, the previous day I had torn down my null sec PI installation as sales were sporadic, the call goes out for a roam or camp.

I have comms again so in theory this is something I could do, also being healthy again and not exhausted was a bonus.  Quickly I looked through the roster of ships available and settled on a Gallente assault frigate, fitted it and made my way towards the target system.

Outside, out of game, the thunder was rumbling and lightning flashed from time to time.  The lights still flickered but putting faith in my UPS, which all the important gear was hooked up to, I hoped it would all be okay.  Then of course, perhaps I was more tired than I thought, my realisation that the UPS had failed and died earlier in the year.  It had yet to be replaced.  Once more I looked at the RADAR images.  The front was close, with more behind it, but the rain was losing intensity, it had yet to reach us.

Back in game I reached the target system, having joined the fleet en route, and commenced the camp.  We caught nothing of consequence before DT, and nothing afterwards, but being able to reconnect with the corp was worthwhile after a difficult three months in the real world.

The storm front passed over us that night bringing little rain.  Subsequent days would also promise much and deliver little.

We are still waiting for decent rain.

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