Thursday, September 13, 2012

Vile Rat

Recently it was reported by the worlds media that a citizen of the United States lost his life in an attack on their embassy in Libya, a country that is emerging from a civil war.

Later reports have updated this to several citizens including the ambassador.

One of the people killed appears to be an Eve Online player called Vile Rat in game or Sean Smith outside of it.

Unfortunately the news that this person was Vile Rat came from the news desk of Goonswarm so a large amount of disbelief must be reserved until more reputable sources, using independent reporting, supply us with the information.

It would seem however that the news is true and the person known in game as Vile Rat has been killed in Libya.

Real world events don't often intrude into the Eve Online universe.  The most recent example I can remember is The Mittani's rant which ended up with his in game suspension.

Obviously this is a very sad event for all those involved.

Vile Rate was the number two man in the Goonswarm leadership.  It's hard to see how this can change the day to day operations of Goonswarm as they are decentralised.

However the long term prospects are more unclear as Vile Rat could have provided the brains and strategic long term planning that an impotent figure head like Mittens cannot do.

If I had to put some money down I'd say his loss will be mourned and it will be business as usual after a week or two at Goonswarm.