Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dust in my Eve

Looking through my jump clones, find the one I don't need, destroy it.

Consider what I've done for a bit and realise that was the wrong clone, no implants, but annoying to re-create.

Later on, after last nights patch which added amongst other things some more DUST514 integration, I looked at a couple of temperate planets in high security space to see the new districts.  I also wanted to check out how many DUST514 players were in local.

Of course their were none as they are still on a different server.

Fatigue you strike again!

Seriously though seeing the first clear addition of DUST514 content to Eve Online is pretty cool, even though the "dusties" are playing somewhere else at the moment.

The Eve Online update due December 4th 2012 is shaping up as an interesting one, have a look at the Retribution page on the Eve Online web site for more information.  At some stage I'll probably, maybe, talk about it some more but for the moment have a look and a considered think.

My corp activity has been picking up again which is awesome.  To make moving ships easier a new JB link has been created between ( not telling ) and ( not telling ) which saves much jumping and heartache.

Anyway just a quick post, have to get back to the fight and help the bad guys triumph over the good.

Hey that's not right...

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