Friday, October 19, 2012

Tin Foil Hats for Everybody!

To make a killing as an alliance you could do the following.

Cheaply build hundreds if not thousands of ships that are not currently used as part of "Doctrine" and move them surreptitiously to your current or future staging area.

I say future staging area as you've already organised with the opposition which systems are the next and subsequent battlegrounds.

The alliance of course fit these ships and put them up on contract for a higher than normal price, but these are the officially fitted "Doctrine" ships so BUY THEM NOW.

Then your current fleet ships are "retired" and the new fleet "Doctrine" is advertised.

The hordes of sheeple in your juggernaut rush to buy these fitted "official" ships before they run out as a Call To Arms (CTA) fleet is leaving in half an hour.

By a remarkable coincidence this fleet requires the new ships.

Having previously organised with the bad guys what your fleet composition will be the majority of your fleet is wiped out by the "lucky" coincidence the bad guys turned up with a better composition.

Rinse and repeat a few times.


Though of course this would never happen in my Eve.

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