Thursday, February 28, 2013

Low isn't Null

With one thing and another it's been a very busy month in and out of game.

Concentrating on the in game issues I've spent much of my time trying to correct issues with new members and also adjusting to life in low sec.

Since leaving the CFC and therefore "Goons" we've been pushed to the fringe of low security space, in fact based in low security space, with occasional forays into null security systems.

Knowing what we know now about our previous "blue friends" it now feels more honest to be struggling out on the edge.

Unfortunately I cannot share much of it but those in that organisation who don't have a blinkered view of life will know what I mean.

Gary Glitter would become Minister for the Youth before we rejoined the CFC in my estimation.

Low security space has a different skill set compared to null.  Null required the blunt hammer of numbers and blobbage.  Low needs more finesse.  Sure you can flood with numbers but the professional low security operators know how to use the special rules there as an ally.

It's an eye opening experience, but one we are slowly coming around to.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sandman Auto Pilot

I was in one of those fleets where you go here, go there, jump through this, without much actually happening.

After a lack of action the fleet was heading home, I was crushingly tired after a very very long day.

Suddenly their was silence on comms, I was sitting at a gate and nobody was in local.

It took me a moment or two until I figured it out, which was a clue in itself.

I'd fallen asleep for a short while, apparently still sitting up, long enough for the fleet to move on without me.

It turned out they were still travelling and I'd become conscious during a lull in comms.

So I found my own way to base, logged off and hit the hay.

I found it a bit disturbing though.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Asakai Grumblings

About a week or so ago the Asakai fight happened, I have not talked about it for two reasons.

One, everybody else did and two, I didn't especially care.

Links for the cave dwellers here and here.


Penny Arcade, the quite popular online web comic have mentioned it in their PATV news service.

Why is this useful?

Well it reaches a large audience, perhaps some more people who know little about Eve Online so from an advertising point of view that's gold.

What they should be made aware of though is the server in that area of space all but failed.

Once the system filled up Time Dilation (TiDi) was so bad that actions took several minutes at best, at worst they just didn't.

I was online at the time but looking at the text chat I would not have been able to enter the combat system as the TiDi aka LAG was so bad it would have been a waste of my time, my ship, and promised a good chance of becoming trapped there for several hours.

It was an accidental public relations triumph, but also an infrastructure (almost) failure.

Certainly not playable using any reasonable definition of the term.