Sunday, March 24, 2013

An Odyssey After Caldari Prime

A CCP live event, The Battle for Caldari Prime happened yesterday, apparently.

Once again, not unexpectedly, it was well out of our time zone so participation was poor from our slice of the world.

For OOG reasons I was awake at 5:20am that morning, I logged into Eve while consuming the morning coffee.  I had pre-positioned a character in Luminaire the night before in anticipation of the event.

However the event only lasted an hour and finished between two or three hours before I logged on even at that early time of the day.

It was quite disappointing.

In other Eve Online and CCP news the next patch/expansion name and date has been announced.

It will be called Odyssey (Honda have a car called that in Australia, it's driven by old people or those who've given up on life) and will/should be released on June the 4th.

Details are scarce at the moment, and more will probably been revealed as the year grinds on, but it would seem the D-Scan tool will be given a revamp, either the visual or the security status of some systems will be updated, the usual "little things" changes, updates to the visuals of more ships, and, finally, some more "events" on and around Caldari Prime.

It is also possible some new ships may be making an appearance but why bother when the Drake is such perfection?

That is a joke by the way.

If new ships do appear it will be interesting to see how they shoe horn them into the current roster and what roles they'll take.  They should use some more of the designs from a competition held seemingly eons ago as the output that was generated seems under utilised.

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