Monday, May 27, 2013

Whack a Mole

Another week in Eve Online.

I'm becoming more used to the new launcher on the Windows computer but on the Linux one it has stopped behaving and now doesn't display an option to input the account name and password.

Two steps forward, one step back.

This is not a major concern and I'm sure it will be fixed when I can be bothered to look into the problem.

Another problem I've mentioned recently is botters.  I've encountered mission bots in the past but today I'll be talking about mining bots.

The ice belts are particularly prone to this infestation and they hide behind noob corps to try and avoid retaliatory action.  If you watch their activities for a while you can see patterns, and if they are in their own corp then action can be taken.

I've not war decced anybody for a while so I was happily surprised to find the voting mechanism has been removed.  You want a war dec and you're a CEO or Director?  Find your target, war dec them, attack in twenty four hours.  Bing Bang Boom!  Perfect!

Less perfect was the fee as I'd forgotten it had been raised from 4 million ISK to a starting price of 50 million ISK (more into here) but that isn't as bad as it seems, I'll explain soon.

So the war dec goes live, I finish some work and come home about two hours after it starts, and kill some war targets.

Not a bad mornings work, and over nine million in bounties which reduces that nasty war dec fee.

I'd suspected they were botters but not how bad their program was setup.

They didn't warp to a safe spot when I entered system, they didn't try and warp away when I appeared on grid, the others didn't try and leave when I was killings their corp mates, pods didn't warp away immediately, it goes on and on. 

The ice fields are moving with the incoming expansion due in about one week, I'm hoping the botting programs will not be able to cope with the new system, or at the very least be delayed by it.

I'll have some fun until then though.


  1. I never played the game, but I do understand most of it.

    Also letting you know I do read this, heh :)

  2. I had forgotten I'd zapped you this link at some time in the past. Hopefully it all makes some sense!

  3. If it doesn't I google.
    You sent me this link when I started my own blog on wordpress :)