Friday, June 14, 2013

War Dec Round Up

Recently I was a bit bored in high security space and also pissed off at the hordes of mining bots I was seeing.

A deadly combination...for them!

The first war dec was against Qvestworld (QVW) who I'd spotted as a botting ice mining operation.  I managed eighteen kills against mining barges and frigates for no loss.  I must have hit him between times he checked what was going on and they didn't react to the war dec, didn't react to ships of the same corp dying right next to them, didn't warp off pods, and finally, didn't drop all pilots from the corp at the same time.

Eventually he must have come online and was aghast at the devastation I'd wrought for he then placed a bounty against me personally and also against the corp.  Bless him.

Total kill value:   515 Million ISK
Total bounty:      130 Million ISK
Total target ISK lost: 645 Million ISK 

Total WGP loss value:  0 Million ISK
Total WGP bounty and loot gained:  approx 100 Million ISK

QVW's member roster is below, some are yet to re-join the corporation but they are slowly.

The second war dec was against Artturii Industries.  Zero ISK was lost on either side as they just logged off for the duration, and I've yet to see many login again after the Odyssey expansion.  Draw your own conclusions.

The third war dec was against Advanced Solution, again zero ISK was lost but for a different reason.  Some of their corp jumped into starter corps, but most didn't.  Then I started receiving eve mails from various parties in other corps trying to make the war dec go away.  Way to give valuable intel guys!  Finally I let the dec expire as not much was happening.  Since then, again post Odyssey, not many of them have logged in, again you can draw your own conclusions.

One thing I forgot about was the increased war dec cost against corporations, minimum of 50 million ISK compared to the old 4 million ISK, it was a surprise but not a critical one.

Odyssey seems to have stumped the ice mining bot runners for now, what will be interesting is for how long this situation remains.

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