Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Battle Summary for Vecamia, 2013-09-09 06:24 - 07:24

Monday afternoons camping fun in Vecamia started early with two hauler kills, unfortunately not hauling anything particularly interesting.

Then we received word from one of our scouts of a small fleet on the Tarta gate about to jump in.

They jumped into our system and warped to zero on the Cleyd gate in Vecamia.

We looked at them.

They looked at us.

We looked at them.

They looked at us.

They targeted us.

We targeted them.

We looked at each other some more.

Time passed.

The luckiest Retriever in New Eden blind jumped into Vecamia from Tarta and warped to zero on the Cleyd gate and jumped out, no doubt wondering about our Mexican stand-off and what might have been.

More time passes.

They blink and Anger Kidd starts shooting Skathmaine in the Armageddon.

We don't return fire.

In Oh Bugga we're in no hurry for anybody.

After checking the intel of the high security systems, and what the situation is at our gate we calmly start shooting one of their Hurricanes.

Their Logi arrives on the grid as we expected it would, all drones are sent his way.

Their Hurricane is going down, the gate guns are also smashing them, their logi has a surprisingly effective tank (but no smart bombs), and things are going quite well for us.

Their first Hurricane dies, then the second, the logi warps away after the combined damage from many drones and the first effects from ECM drones cause too many problems.

The final ship, Anger Kidd, is trying to de-agress at this stage but it's too late, our DPS, with help from the gate guns, is too much and he is destroyed.

We loot the field, high five each other and head off for dinner.

Another day in Oh Bugga.


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