Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Corp Of The Dead

Doomheim Logo
Some corps in Eve Online are better known than others.  A corp that was increasing in size by 265 members every day should be on the RADAR of everybody you would think?

However this corp is different, it's called Doomheim, and if you're there, you are dead.

When a character in Eve Online is biomassed CCP transfer that character into a holding corp for the dead.

Doomheim, as of the time of writing, has 705,050 members and is increasing by 1,856 per week.

Players are bio-massing  nearly two thousand characters every week for one reason or another.

If you want to see this corp in game do a search for Kuro Aikonen or Zz Smash.

They along with over seven hundred thousand others are permanent members of Doomheim.

Or are they?

If CCP can move somebody into Doomheim upon a biomass they could probably be moved back into an active corp.  I have no idea if this has actually happened, and I don't think CCP would share that sort of information, but it is possible that character death may not be forever.

Some members of Doomheim

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