Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Pillows of Priscilla Saxon

The corp has died, and I flicked the switch.

You may remember from the last post, over one month ago (you should be ashamed - Yos) that our corp was having issues adjusting to the new alliance lifestyle of Call To Arms (CTA's) all day everyday.  Well that seems to have broken the corp.

People were not logging in, or if they were it was on alts outside of the corp to do other stuff in low or even high security space.  I realised after a while that logging in was a chore, it wasn't something I wanted to do but it was something I had to do, night after night.  Often I'd just login to chat with the fellas, only to find I was the only corp member online in game and chat.  Lonely.

So Christmas happened, then New Years and all the bullshit that is packaged with both of those events.  I took a few days off, partly because I was pretty busy out of game but also I wasn't feeling the love of Eve Online during the "magical" holiday period.

Just to talk about the insanity of Christmas for a moment.  People get so wound up about that time of year, the streets are jammed with traffic, the shops are packed, etc etc.  It's not as if they put Christmas on a different date every year, it's the same date people!  Stop being insane about it and put a small amount of planning into your life.

This year I think I'll go sailing from the 20th of December until early January sometime.

That sounds lovely.

Anyway ... after a few days off I sit down to log back into the game, but I always fire up EVEMon first, and I see more messages than I've seen in a while, and one from the CEO.

However the message from the CEO has the title of an older message from somebody else who left the corp, one of the stalwart, but also somehow variable guys that comes and goes from the game.

With an increasing feeling of unease I check the message and yes the CEO has quit the leadership position, handing it to me, and also the game.

Wow!  Okay!  Welcome to depression town, population me.

I didn't find this out until a day had passed, so the corp members had been dealing with this, hoping I would login to start putting out the fires, but I didn't login until the following day.

This probably made my CEO life more difficult as rumour, gossip and fear absolutely love a vacuum, but in the end I don't think it made much of a difference.

The corp had been slowly losing members since our move into the Darkness alliance and I'd been concerned about the long term survival of the corp anyway.  I sent out a mail to all members asking what they thought the future direction of the corp should be, I received responses from a very small percentage of the membership, and each person wanted something different.

So I pulled the plug, flicked the switch, swung the blade, etc etc.

Rather than the corp limping along and being booted from the alliance, and then everybody would have little to no time to evacuate themselves and their gear, they now had twenty odd days to get out in an orderly fashion, find a new corp, move or sell their gear, and start fresh.

I would have loved the corp to continue, to try and keep that history going, but Eve Online isn't like that, Eve is very temporary, with the exception of the massive juggernaut corps and alliances, things come and go.

I've been in some great corps in the past that I thought couldn't be matched and then I was a member of Oh Bugga, which is, which was, the best corp I've been in without exception.

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