Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Updated Some Broken Stuff, Future Videos, General Rambling

It would seem some people are reading this adventure into literary madness.  With that in mind I've removed and/or updated some of the broken modules on the right hand side, and adjusted the order to better reflect my mind space this morning.  So hopefully I've made the blog a nicer place for everybody who is apparently visiting.

As you may have noticed in the previous posts we are now making in game videos, and when I say we I totally mean I am making in game videos.  This doesn't especially bother me as mentally it's just an extension to the creation of so many radio adverts from far too many years ago.  So in the near future we should have a station advert for Oh Bugga, the backbone corporation of the alliance, and some more PVP video of unlucky souls melting under our guns.

I'm often amazed by the dedication people have for this game.  As an example I am currently chatting with someone via Discord who has the app on his phone, he's talking hands free while driving so he can touch base with alliance operations for this evening.

I'm not even that dedicated.