Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Between the Sheets

On my main computer setup I have four monitors, arranged with three horizontally and one above the centre screen.  That top screen almost exclusively shows me Discord and the Windows task manager so I can keep an eye on resource usage.  In Summer I'll also have some temperatures up there for the CPU, display card, hard drives, etc.

It's been very dry here, I don't mean in game, but all along the east coast of Australia, especially in South East Queensland.  We've been well down on our average rain for a long time, so the various critters that live around here start looking for ways to supplement their moisture input.  Eventually they discover the fact that the house and gardens have moisture, if not water, and they start encroaching on the property.

Most animals are not a problem, kangaroos on the front grass leave in the early morning and not much else is a bother, I rarely have cats fornicating under one of the front windows anymore.

However their is an exception, as almost always their is, and that is ants, many, many ants.

The little intruders get in everywhere looking for that bit of moisture they can scavenge either for themselves or the nest.  So I'm often killing ants using various methods to try and encourage them to stay out of the house.

They are persistent.

One ant, I've named him Bastard, was obviously given the mission to totally piss me off.  I mean really annoy me, so at 2am when I'm inexplicably awake, I still have some sort of visceral hate for the ant known as Bastard.

Using an amount of skill and possibly guile that I'd not previously attributed to any ant, he has somehow crawled into one of my monitors, and then into the part between the image surface you can touch and the TFT part that actually displays the images.  That is a sealed unit on that monitor, nothing can get in there, but The Bastard can.

Not content with merely entering the monitor he makes his way towards nearly the middle, right where a person would normally look at the most when using the screen, and then expires.

So now I have a deceased ant, in a monitor part I cannot get into, mocking me every time I look towards that screen.


Sunday, July 23, 2017

L0G0F Frigate Tournament July/August 2017

Round One

English Bishop (Incursus) vs Tekkaa (Kestrel) - Winner English Bishop - Killmail

Seviron Aldari (Incursus) vs Gralen Chays (Breacher) - Winner Seviron Aldari - Killmail

Brutus Salander (Kestrel) vs Gerrich Oksaras (Tristan) - Winner Gerrich Oksaras - Killmail

HellRazor24601 (Breacher) vs Talon Khar (Incursus) - Winner (by Forfeit) Talon Khar

Round Two

English Bishop (Breacher) vs Seviron Aldari (Incursus) - Winner English Bishop - Killmail

Gerrich Oksaras (Tristan) vs Talon Khar (Tristan) - Winner Talon Khar - Killmail

Third Place

Seviron Aldari (Merlin) vs Gerrich Oksaras (Crucifier) - Winner Seviron Aldari - Killmail


English Bishop (Breacher) vs Talon Khar (Tristan) - Talon Khar - Killmail


Gerrich Oksaras (vs Talon Khar) - 25 Million ISK

This competition has now completed.


These rules are now fixed (as of 25th July 2017 at 22:49 AEST) and will be used for the tournament.

The only rule addition was the re-entry of Rule 27 which just explains in greater detail how the process of elimination and progression will occur, with a link for further detail.

Another rule addition is 9a, with the previous 9a being moved to 9b.


1. Standard T1 hulls only.

2. Modules T1 or T2 only, no faction, officer etc.

3. Rigs T1 or T2 only.

4. Drones T1 or T2 only.

5. Ammo - no limitation.

6. Implants - no limitation.

7. Boosters - no limitation.

8. Only one entry per pilot per real life alliance member.

9. Pilots must be in the same fleet as each other.

9a. Pilots are not to fleet, wing, or squad warp the other pilot anywhere. (NEW 29/07/17)

9b. No podding.

10. Use the in game DUELLING function to initiate combat.

11. One pilot within 100km of the Azbel, the other within 100km of the Rait, start duel, warp, fight.

12. Both pilots must stay in the same solar system, leaving the solar system will forfeit the fight, winner should SS for proof.

12a. Fights will be performed in Sadye.

13. No ISK buy in required to participate.

14. Pilot seeding will be based on the pilots age.

15. For each round the pilot will nominate which ship they will be using, they will then be restricted to that ship for that round.

16. For the next round a different, or the same ship can be nominated.

17. Once the ship type the pilot nominates is posted in game to Yosagi Yojimbo
(YY), that ship type is fixed for that round.

18. Once all the ship types for a round have been received by YY, all the ship types, and opponents for that round will be posted online for all to see at the YY-GE blog.

18a. Should a pilot not use their posted ship type they will forfeit the fight.

18b. Should both pilots not use their posted ship type they will both forfeit the fight.

19. Pilots will then have 48 hours from the following Eve Online Down Time (DT) after the round details are posted to organise and complete their fights, the winner then needs to mail YY the kill mail details.

20. Both pilots need to make their best efforts to organise the fight between each other, attend and complete the fight.  Failure to complete the fight within the specified time will leave the final result to YY's discretion.

21. Once undocked for the duel the pilot cannot redock until the fight is concluded.

22. A fight is concluded once a kill mail is generated.

23. In the event of a double kill mail the one with the earlier time stamp will be declared the winner.

24. If the double kill mails time stamps are identical then the younger pilot will be declared the winner, as the older pilot really should be better than that.

25. Draft and final rules will be posted on a web page at YY-GE blog, that same page will then be updated with the pilot seeding, posted ships the pilots intend to use, and the results as they all become available.

26. Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Very Interesting Losing Fit (VILF).

27. The Single Elimination Tournament format will be used - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Single-elimination_tournament   (NEW)

28. Prizes currently include but are not limited to, T1 and T2 SKINS, ISK, ship or ships.

29. All rules are subject to change.

30. If rule changes are required the changes will be posted at YY-GE blog between rounds and other places time permitting.

31. YY has the final say on all aspect and rules of this competition.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Project Discovery - Planetary Transits

Project Discovery - Planetary Transits, which I'm quickly going to shorten as PDPT, is pretty cool.  I certainly identify with it much more than the previous effort which was finding abnormal human body cells to help with some sort of research.  Admirable goals but the current PD is finding alien worlds.  Bugger helping my fellow man, I'm going to find aliens!

At least that seems to be the appeal.

Which I have to admit, I'm also on board for.

While I was looking for transits, and becoming more than a bit frustrated at near misses in my efforts, which will be shown below, I started thinking about the earning potential of PDPT.

If you're a young pilot in Eve Online the ISK you can earn from PDPT, especially if you care about accuracy, isn't to be sneezed at, but for an established pilot it isn't much.

Then I wondered if you could PLEX your account just by using PDPT?

Let's look at the figures, which of course change all the time so this will be somewhat accurate from the slice of time I bothered to look at the market.

These days I can no longer say one PLEX as you now need 500 PLEX to pay for a monthly account, 500 PLEX is roughly worth 1,546,000,000 ISK, a bit over 1.5 billion ISK.

If I'm doing PDPT, and I try to care about accuracy, it hovers around the 65 to 70 percent mark, I can make 610,000 ISK every five minutes, or 122,000 per minute.

That means I need about 12,673 minutes to afford 500 PLEX, assuming the PLEX prices have not moved while I've been banging through PDPT.

Rounding up, that is about 212 hours, and over the period of one month is a hair over 7 hours, per day, every day.

You would receive some of the awards for levelling up in PDPT, which helps the ISK generation, but if you want to spend all month earning ISK via PDPT, so you can pay for another month, it can be done.

However I wouldn't recommend it.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Recruiting Conundrum

In my experience recruiting in Eve Online is much harder than in other MMO's.

"You have a pulse? Great! Come on in!", any other MMO.

In Eve?  The big difference is we have something to lose apart from our minds if we recruit some nut job, and let's be clear.  I value my Eve "stuff" more than my mind!  My mind is like an old enemy, but we've both grown older and the visceral hate has faded away to some half remembered discomfort about something neither of us can remember clearly.

Oh and I'm pretty sure my sub conscious hates me.

Another time for that one.

In recruiting for the corp and greater alliance I've found a few things.

Alpha accounts are not reliable and will usually kick around for a few days, perhaps a week or two, and then you never hear from them again.  The big question with the Alpha accounts is retention.  How many of them are active in the game two, four, six months down the road?  You can be damn sure those figures are, probably, never going to be released by CCP.

You never really know who you're going to get with recruiting.  We certainly have an idea of what we want but sometimes what they say, and then do, are two different things.  It reminds me of hiring people for business, roughly six months down the road you find out who the person is you've hired.

Don't get me wrong we have a great group of people, I don't often talk about them here as fluffing their egos is for their significant others, not me, but sometimes it just doesn't work out.

Other times we know a person isn't right for the alliance pretty quickly during the recruiting chat.

Often this will be due to reasons of time zone, poor standings with the faction in our region, wanting different things, etc.

Every once in a while though, wow!

Last night we had some guy, and I won't mention his name, I assume he is a guy as this is Eve Online and everyone is a he until verified.

Stereotypes save time kids!

From the very beginning his pilot details started waving all sorts of red flags, and I don't mean the sort of flaccid red flag waving you see at some motor racing event, where the marshal is bored, and all he can think about is the amount of beer he's going to consume tonight to try and forget about the never ending pain.  No, this is the type of flag waving you see at a Mardi Gras, vigorous and full of pep.

The kind of flag waving you really cannot ignore.

His corporation history was an evidence trail of very short stays, which speaks volumes.  If a bunch of other corps, and we are pretty vanilla compared to many others, cannot stand you then odds are we/I are certainly not going to also.

Then of course his corp application, to one of the other corps in the alliance but happily I get to view this stuff, often it's the only entertainment I get, is something very close to "I have 3 million skill points and I'm better at this game than all of you!"

At this stage I would have done the thanks but no thanks bit, but it wasn't my corp so screw it, lets see where this goes!

During the evening while we are doing "alliance activities" he jumps into the recruitment chat for the corp he's applied for.  It's an arse about way of doing it but nobody seems to read the requirements anymore so he's certainly not on his own.

Very quickly it starts going south.

And I don't mean in a "lets head south for the winter in a slow measured way taking care to eat some stuff and visit some nice ponds" way.  This was something like a screaming banshee, SR-71 type lawn dart straight as the crow flies towards anything away from "normal".

He asked questions.  Questions are good.  But when the questions were not answered to his satisfaction he would ask them again, or just put a question mark, or harangue about not answering them to his liking.  I could see the discussion was going off the rails, I would have told him to POQ by this stage but it wasn't my corp and I wasn't leading the interview, so I was able to watch, and judge.

It quickly degenerated as the interviewer started asking his own questions , at my prompting, but I'm sure that was where he was heading anyway.  Of course that meant he hadn't answered one of the questions of the interviewee.

Then it went bad.


He was accused of not answering the question, and was getting attacked for somehow "not completing the circle" I guess.

Then their was a pause, I had some idea of what was coming, and there it is!

"Thank you for your enquiry, but you're not right for us, best of luck in the future.", to paraphrase.

Somehow the guy, who wanted to join the alliance, must have thought the interview was still going well as he was quite annoyed it had taken this turn.

From his point of view he was in! All we had to work out were the details!

Probably something like a real world mental health plan for all alliance members.

So his last line of text, before he rage quit the recruitment chat was the icing on the cake, the hilarious mid point of our night.

"Fuck you cunt!"

Comedy gold.