Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Maybe He Hates The Anshar?

Only a few days after the last one, we once again have a DBL loss, once again in an Anshar.

The seemingly one man (?) crusade against the Anshar continues. Yet another of these very useful ships became space dust.

It would seem this time he bounced off a station and subsequently became the victim of a Nyx.

The cargo was some basic blueprints, more bombs, and twenty six Vexor's.

Look out for Vexor loss mails in his future.

At least the Expanded Cargoholds were cheaper.

I guess that's progress...

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The Wonder Continues

It is getting hard to keep up!

All those losses, seeding New Eden with new loot for the hungry masses.

DBL is like an exploding star making it possible for other more complicated life forms to eventually exist.

It's almost a public service.

This time he had one thousand Void Bombs for some reason, and some rather expensive ORE Expanded Cargo
holds just for the thrill of it I suppose.

Another Anshar bites the dust, yet more ISK removed from New Eden, about 10.6B for a total of 11.2B.

The loot fairies were not kind.

Maybe they're tired?

Friday, June 15, 2018

He's Like Christmas and Easter

David Bladelane, the constant self inflicted victim of Eve Online, has been struck, not once, but twice, again!

In his never ending quest to repopulate New Eden with loot and salvage from his lost ships alone, this time we have the losses of a Viator and Pod, worth about 450 million, and then a short while later an Ashar which tips the ISK scales at 11.07 billion.

I've seen the way some pets follow people around looking for crumbs or more substantial scraps of food, if I was a resident of catch I'd keep an eye on DBL at all times.

He could put your kids through college!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Frozen Abyss Quandary

I'll start this off by saying I think Eve Online is alright.
Wrong Abyss

Considering I've been in this "game" for about ten years now that statement may be slightly incorrect.

Recently CCP introduced new content, and massaged some older content but I'll talk about that later.

The Abyss was introduced into Eve Online, and like all new content they bring into the game their is always some trepidation, as CCP have a rather hit and miss reputation when it comes to this sort of thing.

So imagine my surprise when The Abyss actually turns out to be rather well designed, and enjoyable.

Is that legal?  Should they be allowed to make fun Science Fiction?  What if Science Fiction is taken less seriously as the future drones on?  Have they created something new?

Probably not, but The Abyss is the closest you will come to actual PVP while staying firmly in the PVE realm.

It has five tiers, with level one being the easiest and five the hardest.  However each tier is generated somewhat randomly, within limits, so a hard level one could still kick your arse if you're not paying attention and/or your ship isn't the best.

In a level two abyss I've managed to get into significant trouble by not paying enough attention, finding myself outside the allowed area, getting damaged by that, in addition to the ships also shooting at me.

Losing an Ishtar in a level two abyss site would be embarrassing, if it happens I'll say it was a level four, nobody will ever know.

The next coolest thing about the new abyss sites are the mutated items.  You can obtain a module that when used with another "normal" module, can produce something new, but it's not without risks.  The new module may not be better than the base one, but it could be better, pray to the RNG gods.

Even better is something from my Eve Online wish list, when those new items are created your name is stamped on them forever!  Now if only that would happen with all created items, and I could search for them on zkillboard, that would be great!

The older content that has been massaged is Planetary Interaction (PI), which became Planetary Colonies (PC), and is now called Planetary Production (PP).  Why the name changes I don't know, and looking through the CCP sites even they mix up some of the terms, but for now we have PP.

(some comment here about purile humour, but Blogger ate it)

CCP have changed the way PP is controlled, which is wonderful as it was so bad I created a special hot key just as a double click for my mouse!

Look Ma I've doubled my productivity!

Why the HELL did it take Hilmar using PP, although at the time it was actually PI, or maybe even PC, for everyone to suddenly find out it was a horrible click fest and some changes were required?  Didn't the much vaunted CCP Seagull know it was terrible to use?  Or maybe she did, but no time was provided to fix the future RSI law suits that PI/PC had become.

I guess we will never know.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

He's Not Great

Eve Online's favourite loot pinata, David Bladelane (DBL), has been struck once again, this time in Jita, specifically at Jita 4-4, as it is assumed he didn't warp to zero and was immediately ganked by one of the many desperate Tornado pilots hungry to justify their existence, and time, spent hovering just outside the undock in Jita.

DBL has form for losing expensive stuff in ways that can only be described as desperately pathetic.

Known for losing numerous Rorqual's in null sec, visiting Jita isn't a usual activity for the frequent benefactor to the ship holds of many other pilots in Eve Online.  Visit Jita he did though, and the results speak for themselves.

Much speculation has been made in the past about the source of DBL's seemingly inexhaustible supply of wealth.  Does he have a squad of miners hitting the 'roids 23.5/7? Is it all billed to the credit card of unwitting parents?  Does he have a goblin in the basement that dislikes people, and the outside, but produces some quite excellent paintings which are then sold?

We may never know.