Thursday, November 9, 2017

Old Forums and New Launcher

I've always regarded CCP as that bumbling Uncle who means well, but doesn't always manage to do the right thing immediately, but he usually gets there in the end.

With the release of the new Eve Online launcher, which is supposed to, among other things, fix the rather annoying issue of the pinned accounts going missing, I wanted to update my Linux machine/s so they'll be good to go.

Of course with CCP this wasn't going to be easy, I thought.

First thing to check is the forum post that provided the specially made for Linux launcher, as with luck, some remaining CCP staffer has updated the post with the new launcher.

See this is what optimism gets you.

Yes the recently archived previous forums appear to be down.


Now what?

So then, in a rare display of thinking the glass is half full and it doesn't actually contain clear bleach, I considered the possibility the Linux launcher may update itself!

I could not have been more surprised!

Ahh, but here is the trap.  I fully expected the launcher to have updated, but then it no longer launches the game correctly, so I'd better test it.


It worked!


Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Three Little Things

These days I’m surprised by a few things, and this list changes as I forget what I was previously surprised about, or something new comes along which gives me another “What the FUCK!” moment that suddenly blasts one of the other list members off into the void.

Never to be seen again.

Until next time anyway.

Did I mention the memory thing?

I’ve just read above this, turns out I did.

In a particular order.

Some of my nose hairs can be more than an inch long.

My urine stream appears to have torque steer.

People seem to think they need to post again and again that Eve Online is dying.

Now perhaps they are just getting it wrong, and what they mean is Eve is being dyed, perhaps with woad. Then we are destined to play a game that will turn a lovely blue colour but won’t half pong a bit!

Now I don’t know why people feel they need to post the same thing over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. I suspect lead in the water, parents who are very close relations, and pressurised liquefied cheese in a can.

I’m also deeply suspicious that they are logged into the forums of other games, assuming other games exist outside of Eve Online.

I’ve played Chess before, so the natural extrapolation from that experience is other digital games may exist, in a vast potential universe. For all I know, the Bugblatter Beast of Traal has worked long and hard and has now created their own planets version of Paradroid.

So while they’re logged into these other forums, the challenged Earthlings, not the creature from Traal, must also be posting the same thing, over, and over, and over, well you get the idea, just to get a rise from other forum dwellers.

When suddenly the spotlight of attention swings their way, the mental image I have of them is they rub their hands together, eye off the moisturiser cream and try to hide yesterdays used tissues from Mother.

Everything is dying, but in some places they are also dyeing.

Too far?

Universal Entropy says everything around us is running out of energy, rather slowly mind you, so you will still have to put the bins out and mow the lawn this weekend.

Rather more realistically the history of online gaming is strewn with the non existent digital corpses of MMO’s that have come and gone, and now only live on in our memories.

Will Eve Online be switched off one day?

Almost certainly yes.


However to CCP, Eve Online and CCP create the barycenter that everything else orbits around.

They have a vested interest.

So get out of General Discussion and stop being such a little immature bitch.