Sunday, October 28, 2018

The Repetitiveness of Same

It's difficult to know what to say, after all this time, and all those losses.

Is David Bladelane (DBL) a broken bot?

Doing the same thing, the same way, during an active war dec, losing ship, after ship, after ship, and then no change of behaviour.

We see that with bots, and sometimes with forgotten bots that are just blindly performing their last instructions as best they can, until the subscription or some other resource runs out.

At first it was hilarious, then a little strange, and now it's weird.

Not like Portland USA weird, which is just attention seeking to try and justify their existence in an uncaring world, but backing away slowly and looking for the exits weird.

Want to lay odds on another Anshar loss in Amarr, to war deccers, in another fifteen days or so?

I suspect the TAB would have already stopped allowing bets on that one.

Utterly fascinating.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

What War Dec?

Not everyone believes war decs apply to them, certainly not David Bladelane (DBL), who after a quiet time on the killboards, perhaps to replenish real world funds, has landed with a vengeance once again.

This time he lost a jump freighter in Jita, to war targets, who were PIRAT.

Exactly what the thought process was here I'm not sure about, perhaps he was hoping the blinding speed of an aligning jump freighter would warp him safely away from the stargate? 

The mere fact he managed to gate jump that close to Jita without being caught is also interesting, but the inevitability of his demise increased rapidly the closer he approached the trade hub.

So once again we have a loss from DBL, though this time the loot fairies were not kind.

Our alliance is still at war.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Further Ant Adventures

More than a year ago I squeezed out a post about an ant, hopefully I've linked it below.

Ahh I did, handy.

The transformation of the deceased ant has been quite interesting.

For the sake of simplicity I'll divide the ant into three sections, the head, the middle, and the rear.  For a more scientific explanation please visit this link.

When the ant first presented itself in one of my monitors it was vertical and quite prominent, I could not miss it.  I thought about swapping those monitors around, but that screen also has some minor screen burn from displaying the same browser day in and day out, so they stayed in place.

In time the ant has rotated almost one hundred and eighty degrees to the right, and is now facing almost downwards.  The ant itself has decreased in size quite markedly, now to the stage of almost being lost amongst the text and other ephemera displayed on that screen during a typical day.

The head of the ant would still be the most prominent, but has faded, so now it's quite a bit smaller, and broken into two sections.  The middle has disappeared entirely, and now creates a gap between the head and the rear.  The rear is now very tiny, essentially a single pixel, or near enough to it, in size.

I've been speculating as to why this has happened.  My two working theories, and they are not mutually exclusive, is the constant photon bombardment has chipped away, for want of a better term, at the body of the ant, so now it's a shadow of its former self.  The other theory is the heat the body would be subjected to, which would be relatively high considering the proximity to the heat source, may  have desiccated the ant carcass, with the remains being too small to see, and/or having dropped down into the bottom of the screens bezel and out of my view.

Our alliance is still at war.