Saturday, 24 August 2019

Station Adverts

The in station advertisement submission system has always been quite hit and miss.

You would submit the advert, making sure it fits the criteria, and then wait.

And wait.

And wait.

And wait.

Eventually your submitted advert would start appearing in the stations/citadels.

Or it never would.

Mails to CCP would go unanswered on the subject.

Support tickets would be open for quite a long time, and then they'd just be closed with no resolution.

However we may have a solution appearing in the future.

Recently CCP Falcon posted on Tweetfleet that a new system is in development, and will be (should be), deployed sometime before the eventual heat death of the entire universe.

18th August 2019

So you read it here third, or maybe fourth.

Friday, 23 August 2019

The Triglavian Conundrum

The Triglavian incursion¹ into high security space is generally just a minor annoyance.

However... I needed to move a freighter from high security space through a few systems of Triglavians.

So I spent a small amount of time looking at the killboards for losses of my freighter type to them.

Didn't find any losses, but also didn't look especially hard.  I had things to do!

Decided to give it a go anyway, un-docked, warped to the gate and jumped.

What a surprise, about eight Triglavian ships on the other side, all waiting to lock me up and start shooting as soon as I de-cloak.

Not much choice anymore, gotta do it.


Align and request warp towards the next gate.

They lock me up and start shooting with very little delay.

Yeah, that's quite a bit of incoming damage.

Various other offensive measures are also used against my freighter.

They web me...

They webbed me!


Immediately into warp, no worries.

¹  Also the reason I had to tank² my Epithals

²  For a given value of "tank"

Thursday, 22 August 2019

A Good Start

The null security space black out of local chat needs to become a permanent feature.

The changes to cynosaural fields are wonderful, as amongst other things it means a gate camp no longer has the risk of each and every target potentially being the conduit for a hot drop.  It does make it harder for those folks who need a cynosaural network, but that's what training and skill injectors are for.

However CCP have not gone far enough.

0.5 systems need to become 0.4 systems sometimes, for a day, a few days, or even a week.  Some in game lore can be generated about how it happens, the break down of law and order, etc etc, and CONCORD as their last act in the afflicted systems, anchors an invulnerable cyno jammer ... most of the time.

This would create new, temporary pockets of high sec space.  It would move the usual trade routes, but the time spent as a low security system would not be too long so waiting it out would be an option, but also the brave may run the gauntlet.

The time those systems would spend as 0.4 would not be long enough to destroy citadels, but certainly enough for a reinforcement timer or two.

Then after the amount of time passes the 0.4 system once again becomes 0.5, and a guaranteed amount of time would need to pass before it could revert once again into 0.4.  CONCORD could flood the system with ships to help achieve this from a lore point of view.

Hopefully this would be another step towards making Eve Online feel more dynamic and alive.

Wednesday, 21 August 2019


He just keeps staring at me from the launcher!

It's disturbing.

I feel he needs a white long haired cat though.

The name of the cat is Dave.