Tuesday, 28 June 2016

And it's gone!

It is with some irony that after I leave the cave and manage a post after a break CCP then decides to cancel the feature I talked about, but they do have some good reasons.

My post > Boosting Side Piece

CCP's post > Forum Thread

"Good day!

I'm here to let you know that on Tuesday, in the 118.6 release, we are planning to remove the recurring opportunity "Thrill of the Hunt".

Our hope in releasing this feature was to gain insight on how direct, daily rewards might effect and improve engagement in EVE. I can't go into too much detail about results but I thought you guys might like to know a bit about what did happen after it launched. The biggest conclusions we can draw so far (though we are still gathering and analyzing data) are that recurring opportunities did have a significant effect on player activity in game. We saw a pretty big bump in the share of folks heading out to kill something each day, and we heard some feedback that this in turn led to some pretty funny situations (read: kills). On the other hand, we saw very little change in login behavior, i.e. if you weren't planning to log on anyway, the 10,000 free SP boost wasn't really going to change your mind. This is really important for us and by collecting solid data with a fast and simple feature like recurring opportunities we will be able to make better decisions as we work on larger things in the future, such as the Shadow of the Serpent event, which begins on Tuesday in the 118.6 release.

I want to thank all of you for taking the time to talk with us about the feature, both online and in person at Fanfest. While there were certainly concerns from you guys, the conversation stayed mature and productive which is fantastic for us and we really appreciate it.

Until next time,
Fly safe,
CCP Rise for Team Size Matters"

My experience was much the same, I certainly didn't login more than before, and the 10K skill point boost was very handy, but it was not a make or break situation for me.

However if I was a new player in the game, and I could shoot a next to nothing rat and gain 10K skill points every day I would be pissed at this feature being taken away from me.

This is how the young learn about the harsh world of Eve Online I suppose.

Perhaps a future version could provide this boost for the younger players, but it tails off over time once they near or exceed a threshold of SP?

Just a thought.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Boosting the Side Piece

Another potential interesting thing about the new daily missions, apart from the obvious boost of nearly four million skill points per year, is the fact it can be used as a stealth training device for your alts.

Say, for example, you have your main character who hoards the training time, but you also have an alt that has some training requirements, but they're not urgent.

What you can do is use that alt to perform the daily mission, gain the ten thousand skill points, and you can then apply them while your main is training their own skill points, you don't even need to pause his or her training.

I thought it was pretty cool.