Friday, 29 May 2020

High Can Go Low Now

Chapter 3 of Invasion finally shows us something interesting, high security systems can become low security, for a limited time.

A Triglavian invasion in the high security space system of Raravoss, in conjunction with whatever shenanigans the third chapter of Invasion brought us, has dropped the security status of that system from 0.6 to an effective value of 0.3.

This was rumoured before Chapter 3 landed in some of the data dumps obtained by enterprising database trawlers.

This seems to have been confirmed by Twitter posts using the hashtag #tweetfleet, and also by a member from my alliance shortly afterwards.

Genuinely interesting stuff, and a hoped for game change I've mentioned more than once, which could spice up the game play, and almost certainly the complaints, for the short to medium term.

Thursday, 28 May 2020

Boost the HyperNet!

In a surprising move, CCP have reduced the in game fee for the HyperNet for one week only. The normal free of 5% has been reduced to 0% for the next seven days.

It's assumed this is to try and get the bulk of the player base using the HyperNet again, as after the initial splurge of activity, it has been dropping off steadily over time.

It seems a band-aid at best.