Monday, 4 November 2019

Twitch Plays EVE Online

Recently, via various software shenanigans, Eve Online has been played, for a given value of played, by various people controlling a pilot via Twitch.

This is most likely explained better below by Kotaku.

At 2pm AEDT on October 31, Twitch Plays EVE came online for the first time. Johnny Splunk hosted the stream on his own Twitch channel and fielded any questions players might have about the experience, but he did not interfere in the activities of the stream, allowing viewers full control of a character. For the first hour of the stream, an audience of around 100 viewers watched the spaceship under their direct control move back and forth along one of EVE’s most popular trade routes, attempting to get from one end to the other so that they could collectively complete one of the challenges laid out to them by the stream’s moderator team.

Initially I thought it was pretty dumb, but when I realised I'd been staring in fascination at the Twitch stream for the last forty five minutes, I had to admit it had a certain appeal.

It'll be interesting to see if the CCP mods allow it to continue.

During the stream I made the fatal mistake of putting a bounty on the pilot TwitchPlaysEve.

The bounty notifications have not stopped since.


Friday, 25 October 2019

The Odds of South Koreans Becoming Targets For Aussies Improves!

CCP are making Eve Online more accessible to the citizens of South Korea with the impending release of Korean localisation.

"We’re also super happy to let the EVE community know that preparations for the launch of EVE Online in Korean will soon be complete!"

The interesting thing about this announcement is the proximity to our AUTZ time zone.  Ignoring day light saving time, South Korea is in the +9 time zone, eastern Australia is +10, so very close time zones.

Additionally, South Korea has a population of more than 51 million people, who are typically very tech savvy.

Not sure if the tech savvy part is a pro or con for entering the Eve Online world, but let's assume it's a pro.

If we're lucky the AUTZ may soon become busier.

I look forward to the new strategy, "Zerg Rush", becoming more prevalent in the AUTZ.

Thursday, 24 October 2019

Your Kill Right was Used!

One of my favourite phrases in Eve Online.

However, first, the back story.

It was a comfortable Wednesday, the wind was still from the south east, the humidity was low, the grass is green from sporadic rain, and my neighbours were not trying to teach me the finer arts of Cold Chisel.

In Eve Online I often use a Leopard to zoom around in.  If you're not familiar with the Leopard it's a relatively expensive shuttle that warps quite quickly, but has very low hit points and is easy to destroy.  As I always use manual flying with the Leopard they couldn't target it at a gate, but it, like most low hit point ships, has a weakness.

Smart Bombs.

I knew eventually I'd lose the Leopard, as they're a high priority target for dirt bags with few resources except time.

I'd visited Jita that day to check on some items, and upon leaving it happened.

When I'm warping, jumping, warping, jumping, etc, I go into a bit of a trance and it took me a few moments to realise I'd not left the system when I should have.  Local was still spewing posts from pilots doing fire sales, promising to give ISK if you follow their bio, or not give ISK if you follow their bio, and the usual manifesto that certain individuals seem to share in trade hubs.

Why do I have a red timer?

I was zoomed out a bit, and shuttles are small, then realised I wasn't in a shuttle anymore.

I was in my pod.

I'd been smart bombed by someone near my out gate, he'd direction scanned me and activated the smart bomb at the correct time, destroying my ship.

Very soon afterwards CONCORD took a close and personal interest in him.

Well then...

Warped off somewhere, and then back to Jita 4-4 and docked up again.  The same place I was only a few minutes before.

Checked the notifications in my bottom right hand corner, found the kill mail, discovered I had a bounty, and looked at the other pertinent information.

First thing I needed was a new ship, but as I knew the Leopard was always a target, I chose something else, fitted it appropriately, and left the station.

On my way out of the system, this time using a dog legged route to avoid the smart bomber just in case he was going to try for a "two for one" deal, I realised I'd have kill rights against that guy.

Left the system, activated the kill right and made it accessible for everyone, and set the ISK amount at one hundred and fifty million ISK.  That would be approximately my break even amount for that loss.  The ISK wasn't the real issue, but as I'm old, it's the principle of the thing.

My safe assumption was the attacking pilot was an Alpha, who now wouldn't login for at least thirty days, or even just be bio massed and that account slot recycled, as the training requirements for such a basic attack are low.

Then I effectively forgot about it.

However the following morning, as I'm doing my daily mission, I see a pop up in notifications, "Your kill right was used".

Really?  Can it be?


He must have undocked again much later on, in the same type of ship, with the same fittings, and a pilot called Arch Opir in a rail gun fit Ferox, spent one hundred and fifty million ISK to activate the kill right and blew him to hell!

Sometimes I love Eve Online.

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Fleet-Up Shutting Down!

Some will see the announced shut down of Fleet-up to be merely a road bump in the life cycle of Eve Online, for others, it will be yet another sign of the impending apocalypse.

Personally, I found it to be an invaluable out of game tool that I, and my previous alliance, contributed to financially as a way of supporting those types of developers.

It is disappointing to see it disappear, but nothing lasts forever, and hopefully another developer with a keen interest in Eve Online and way too much spare time on their hands, will step in with a new third party tool that duplicates many, if not all, of the functions we enjoyed with Fleet-up.

Fleet-up, and the developer "wacktopia", you will be missed.

News post here.

Reddit reaction here.

Saturday, 19 October 2019

Skill Points Avalanche!

With the normal trickle of skill points, and the current "event" of Skilling Spree and finally the Bonus Skill Point Week (BSPW) we are enjoying an uncommon about of usable skill points in Eve Online.

I've not read much negativity about the deluge of skill points this time, but that could be caused by a resigned point of view as it has become a "tilting at windmills" situation these days.

The Skilling Spree adds no enjoyment to Eve Online and just seems to be a way of pumping up login numbers, in return for a minimal amount of skill points.

Surprisingly, CCP have begun the BSPW at the same time, which, at least to me, seems a lost opportunity.  If CCP had introduced the BSPW after the Skilling Spree had ended, it would have extended the artificially boosted login numbers for at least another week.

Hard to see what they're doing with running these "events" concurrently.

It seems to me, at best, an unintentional clash between at least two working groups at CCP.

Works out well for the players, but it's a bit of a head scratcher.