Wednesday, September 2, 2009

2 Years In Game!

A couple of milestones in the last week or two. I have reached just over two years in EvE Online and I have also moved past thirty two million skillpoints. Of interest is what the new Evemon is telling me. According to Evemon I am thirty days behind where I should be given the skills I have trained and my current attributes. So from the Evemon point of view, considering that remapping your attributes is a recent ability, if I had the perfect attributes at the beginning of my training, and trained the exact skills I have now I would have reached the thirty two million mark one month before I actually did. Oh well.

Two years in the game. Not much has changed but then again it has, not very helpful I know. From my point of view the change has been gradual but I have found the biggest change to be the massive reduction in lag, especially in Jita and other trade hubs. I remember the closer I flew to Jita the lag would rise and then logging into Jita was a lottery and could take five minutes or more for the ship to appear at the gate so I could warp to station. Now I see 800+ pilots in system with little issue.

My biggest regret is the loss of EvE TV. It helped the immersion of the game to view in game news readers and then it gave us a natural progression to the tournaments and the reporting of the fights. That still happens but I miss the weekly (?) broadcasts.

In the future we have the next expansion which is interesting, walking in stations, DUST 514, etc. As an MMO EvE seems alive, more alive than some others.

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