Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I've left the Alliance to try and find fame and fortune elsewhere.  Sad to go but it seemed like the right time.  I would like to try more of the low and zero sec side of Eve, most likely with some PVP and war decs.  I'm chatting with a corp in my time zone at the moment with the intention of applying to join tonight once the 24 hour cooldown for rights from my own corp expires.  From what I've seen so far they seem like okay people, my current/old corp will stay open however as I setup an alt as the CEO a while ago for this purpose.

Last night I made the journey to the corp system in Gallante space.  The Gallante don't like me very much as I've spent so much time in Caldari space shooting up the Gallante Navy for missions.  Thankfully the journey was uneventful so transfer of goods shouldn't be an issue, though I should be able to source what I need locally anyway.

So interesting times are ahead!

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